Todd Walthall

After years of working in digital marketing in retail and banking, Todd Walthall is using his experience to change the way Blue Shield of California delivers to its customers.

As executive vice president of markets at Blue Shield of California, Walthall is in charge of the management and performance of the markets, including the revenue streams that reach over $17 billion annually. The non-profit health plan serves nearly four million members on an individual, commercial and government level.

“This type of work is inspiring because you know it’s life-changing,” Walthall says of the transformations he’s making at Blue Shield of California.

Having spent most of his career in customer-focused industry, Walthall has brought the same mentality to this position. The idea of serving others helps motivate Walthall daily to achieve his goal of shifting the way people view healthcare, making a more friendly and safe experience for all.

Before Blue Shield of California, Walthall held high ranking positions at American Express, USAA, and Victoria’s Secret, where he spearheaded major digital advances and growth strategies for each company. Utilizing all of his skills, Walthall is compiling each experience to create change affecting not only the business but the community he serves.

“Some of the advances that we’ve made, and some of the contributions I was able to make here helping others be successful all comes from Victoria’s Secret or my time at USAA,” he states. Citing the ability both companies had to keep the customer first and understand their members, a key factor to their success.

“I believe my role here is to make sure that we don’t forget who we are here to serve and to always make sure that that member has a seat at the table.”

As executive vice president of markets, Walthall also has an important seat at the table, stating each day he is happy to go to work and help the community. “As I was finding my way through businesses, I just wanted to make sure that I always find a way to make a meaningful contribution and have an impact on the business,” he says. Walthall says of this new role and industry, “you always have to be able to lean into solving problems or celebrating success.”

At Blue Shield of California, he’s working to solve the issue of transparency. Using shared decision making, the goal is to give clients all information upfront to allow the client to be in charge of their healthcare choices. Also using technology as a source to share information, making a more user-friendly experience coupled with excellent customer service. Highlighting Blue Shield of California’s four C’s; Care, Connect, Champion, and Complete.

His passion and eagerness for the changes to come are extremely evident. Powered by a strong support system in both his family and work environment.

Having moved the family from New Jersey to California nearly five years ago, each member backs the decision to relocate and has welcomed their new home with open arms. The team at Blue Shield of California also greeted Walthall with a warming introduction, proving to be a place he wants to truly make a career home.

“My reason for being in California is now to dream better, and I know Blue Shield is going to take a big step forward helping all of us have better.”

With such a major role in the company, Walthall genuinely puts love into his work, family, and community. Living what he considers a dream, he looks forward to many exciting years with Blue Shield of California.

“Don’t put a label on yourself in terms of what you are, more so look at the role you’re doing and figure out what skills you can extract and take from that role for the next thing.”

Todd Walthall, Executive Vice President of Markets at Blue Shield of California (Courtesy Photo)