Dymally sophomore Mi’Taevionne Reynolds (21) trying to avoid veing tackled by Washington Prep junior HectorTapia (2) (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

After nine games, the Dymally Challengers remain perfect. They handed the Washington Prep Generals their first loss this season after defeating them 50-14 on Friday. Dymally now sits at the top of the Western League.

Dymally has a strong rushing game that allowed them to dominate the matchup. Sophomore Mi’Taevionne Reynolds noted how the linemen complemented the rushers.

“Our linemen blocking and getting us to the right hole and our running backs exploding through the hole,” he said.

This was the fourth game of the season for Washington Prep, they had not seen competition since they defeated the Belmont Sentinels 66-0 on October 1. Junior Ja’Deon Polk noted how teamwork helped the Generals secure wins.

“It’s teamwork everyday, we’re working hard at practice. It is not really about competition, it’s about the sport,” Polk said. “Everybody here loves to play sports. There wasn’t no hate on the field. It was straight sportsmanship.”

The game was delayed by 30 minutes due to CIF officials having to work games that were scheduled at 4pm due to a shortage in LAUSD bus drivers.

Dymally senior Emmith Horton (4) (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Challengers scored on their first possession depending on their rushing game. Washington Prep responded quickly when senior Jordan J. Jackson completed a 63-yard passing play for a touchdown. This tied the game at six points.

Dymally found their stride on offense and defense, edging the score up to 28-6 by halftime. Dymally head coach David Wiltz encouraged them to keep their foot on the gas.

“He was just happy for us,” Reynolds said about Wiltz. “He told us to keep doing what we were doing in the first half.”

While the General defense struggled to stop the Challenger’s runs, their offense battled hard and found one more touchdown with seven minutes left in regulation.

“When it’s that second half, it’s 0-0,” Polk said. “You got to play like how you start off, you got to play to the end like that.”

Washington Prep and Dymally came into this matchup with an undefeated record (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

During this season, Dymally defeated the likes of Gardena, Marquez, and Morningside. No team has scored over 21 points when they played against the Challengers.

“It’s really good,” Reynolds said. “I like how the team put in effort and how we can be number one in our division.”

Polk has been playing football since he was six years old and was eagerly anticipating the return of football through the quarantine last year. His favorite part of the season was when he first walked on a football field with pads.

“I missed it, I just got that feeling, that rush,” he said. “It puts butterflies in your stomach, that feeling when you walk on the field, it brings life to you.”

Washington Prep will host New Designs Watts at 7pm on Friday and Dymally will travel to battle Belmont at 4pm on Friday.