When an unknown caller asks for personal or financial information, just hang up.

When someone calls, and says an urgent matter requires immediate payment, just hang up.

If you receive an unsolicited or suspicious call, just hang up.

That’s the message Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey is sharing as her office approaches its fourth year of providing warnings about common scams for #FraudFriday. The office this month is promoting #JustHangUp with a new video and is encouraging the public to spread the word.

“Preventing and prosecuting fraud is one of my top priorities,” District Attorney Lacey said. “While it may seem rude to hang up on someone, it is the best way to protect yourself against an array of common scams that target all of us, and seniors in particular. Remember, it’s OK to just hang up.”

Since the fraud awareness campaign began in May 2015, the District Attorney’s Office has issued 80 fraud alerts, produced 42 videos shared on social media and distributed 125,000 fliers to nearly 100 senior centers and other public locations throughout Los Angeles County.

District Attorney Lacey explains #JustHangUp in this video: http://vimeo.com/310598784.

For a flyer about this fraud alert, click here.

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