David G. Brown, Los Angeles artist, educator and Editorial Cartoonist for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper received the “2019 Wilbert L. Holloway Merit Award,” for “Best Editorial Cartoon,” by the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA).

The awards were announced in June, 2019 at the NNPA annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Merit award is presented annually to newspapers in a number of categories for contributions that uphold the highest standards of journalism and publishing by Black Press around the nation. Brown’s, latest book “Barack, Race and the Media: The Obama Legacy” The book is a collection of Political Cartoons focusing on the journey and legacy of the first African American President of the United States of American, Barack Obama depicted from the perspective of a diverse group of cartoonists. Inspired by the NAACP Image award winning book by Brown “Barack, Race and the Media: Drawing my Own Conclusions.”