Restoration process of Crenshaw Bl at 67th St. (By Michael E. Stern (WSCC) and Jefferson Isai Rosa / LA Metro)


Crenshaw Bl between 60th St and 67th St has been restored. Restoration work on Crenshaw Bl in Hyde Park has been ongoing since the beginning of August, and road striping took place last night. All vehicular traffic and Metro bus lines are now back on Crenshaw Bl.

Over the past couple of months Metro’s contractor Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors (WSCC) implemented a series of closures to perform various activities to cover the underground segment of the alignment along Crenshaw Bl and to restore the road between 60th St and 67th St. Crews removed massive beams, protected utilities in place by encasing them in concrete, backfilled the road, covered the road with waterproofing material, completed backfill, layered the road with asphalt, and performed road striping to restore Crenshaw Bl to 3 lanes in each direction with left-turn pockets at all intersections.

An underground segment of the alignment is now below Crenshaw Bl in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Once in operation, the train heading southbound will transition underground just south of the Hyde Park Station (at Crenshaw Bl and Slauson Av) and will turn southwest into Inglewood just south of 67th street. In addition to a restored road, Walsh-Shea installed a new bus pad, new median, and new sidewalk just south of 67th street.

We know construction is challenging and genuinely thank our project neighboring residents, businesses, and all community members who were so patient with us while construction took place. We encourage everyone to support local businesses along Crenshaw Bl, especially those between Slauson Av and Florence Av. Eat Shop Play Crenshaw! Support local businesses impacted by Metro construction.