L.A. City Mayor Eric Garcetti (screenshot)

Friday, April 24. Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the latest information surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak in L.A. The County of Los Angeles in partnership with the Mayor, outline steps towards the pathway to recovery. Mayor Garcetti addressed the suffering of Angelenos due to COVID-19.

The Los Angeles City Mayor shared the resources and information discussed amongst his office and the county department. Eric Garcetti is working directly with medical personnel to find the safest journey towards opening the Los Angeles economy. Testing and data will determine the scrutiny needed to begin recovering from COVID-19.

Mayor Garcetti held a press briefing to provide an update on L.A. County’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Los Angeles City Mayor started the coronavirus briefing with current statistics behind the COVID-19 outbreak. As of April 24. there were 52 additional deaths, 48 of these individuals were between the ages of 65 and over. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 848. The coronavirus related death-rate has doubled every eight days. There were 1,035 new COVID-19 cases reported today, in summary there is a total of 18,517 positive COVID-19 reports in the Los Angeles region.

One week ago there were 567 new cases; the reports are doubling about every nine days. There has been a spike due to the backlog and delayed results. In the City of Los Angeles, there are 428 positive cases which brings that area’s total to 8,450 COVID-19 reports. The Mayor L.A. reinstated as more tests come in the numbers will continue to increase.

The L.A. County outlined the four benchmarks needed to relax the Stay at Home Order, which include hospital capacity, protection, isolation capacity, and physical distancing guidelines within the workplace.  There has been much effort to provide more hospitalization, in addition to preventative measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Eric Garcetti analyzed the infection rate, he has a goal set to be below ratio of 1.0 . Before the Safer at Home Order, the infection rate was trending at 2.0-2.5. The ratio represents the number of people infected by an existing positive case. Currently, the City of Los Angeles is in flux, the infection rate alternates between 1.0 and 2.0.

According to the L.A. City Mayor, data is reflecting the spread of COVID-19 is leveling out. There are anticipated surges that may follow into the year 2021. With that in mind, Eric Garcetti stated although there is a plan in place for re-opening the economy, there is a likely chance of an order in place where we must go back in.

Mayor Eric Garcetti reiterated the most efficient fight against COVID-19 is within testing aggressively. Last week there were 30 active testing sites available, as of Friday there is 33 testing locations. 106,000 people have been tested for COVID-19. There is a capacity to test 12,000 people a day across the L.A. County. There is a core commitment that no one gets left behind during this crisis. “We have to save lives and we have to save livelihoods.” Declared Eric Garcetti, the mayor reviewed new deals that protect custodial workers and janitorial contractors. The deals are in place to secure their income, benefits, and employment.

Eric Garcetti specified that are best defense and most efficient way to recovery is to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. The rising temperatures in L.A., leads to the temptation to leave the house. Mayor Garcetti stated, “There is a direct correlation to what you choose to do this weekend, how long this will take, and how many lives we will lose.” He continued, “Keep that in mind and do the right thing this weekend.”