Final winners (courtesy photo)


“We are PROUD to have included such a talented group of instructors and guest presenters. Moreover, we are humbled by your support, impact, resources and access to micro/small business initiatives. We are wrapping up our cohort#2 and preparing for the students from bother cohorts to engage in a “Fast-Pitch”This is where the “rubber meets the road” says Dr. Thyonne Gordon, CEO, of “Beyond Story”, class facilitator, author of the story accelerator platform, CORCDC’s. She was excited about the newest cohort’s success, she said– “The culmination of the Banking on Your Success Program was our “Pitch-Fest”, I couldn’t have been more, proud of these new business owners using everything they learned in 5 weeks to represent stellar business opportunities, everyone’s a winner!”  We will share financial literacy that introduces their bank products, and our small business development workshops and include participating corporate representative and one of your successful business entrepreneurs to share insights into their sustainability.  There is a high demand for our small businesses to become successful be being “bank qualified and loan-ready” and for individuals to qualify. There’s a need for more small businesses to be sustainable and grow.” says the Managing Director, Carolyn Trader, creator of COR-CDC’s “Banking on Your Success Program” (BYSP), under the leadership of Rev. Mark Whitlock Jr. Instructors accomplish this objective by connecting with our bank partners, develop course curriculum and engage our banks we include “low-to-moderate” income communities and provide them with contemporary and relevant tools for their success in business.  

Classes were hosted by Robert Brown, CEO, University of West Los Angeles, Inglewood, CA. The students learned from experts on (marketing, sales, legal, finance, licensing, bank programs and more). BYSP supporting financial partners have special financial programs targeted for this specific initiative with (COR-CDC). The two sessions resulted in three finalists winning the “Fast-Pitch” presentation. Winners: 1st place: Tanisha Hall, Owner-CEO “Merchant’s Daughter, Kathy Alson, “Kathy’s Kitchen” and third, Tamara Hall, President, owner: “Just A Word Ministries”. “I was delighted to observe the preparation and passion of the BYSP business presenters-judging was a real pleasure!” said Mia Whitlock, J.D., C.O.O. COR CDC. Next, the entrepreneurs receive, private coaching from bank representatives and COR CDC partner, Lendistry. BYSP kicked off in March 2018, with a special collaboration and endorsement by U.S. Dept of Treasury: Comptroller of the Currency, Joseph Otting. Banking on Your Success is supported by fourteen different bank partners, who advocate and increase in small business preparation and access to various lending products.