Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. (Courtesy photo)

The Church of God in Christ, Inc., has postponed the Quadrennial Election of the Presiding Bishop and General Board until later in March.

In a statement dated March 1, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., and Bishop L.F. Thuston, General Assembly Chair announced that a “high integrity third party vendor” will be selected by March 5 to “administer the Quadrennial Election under the supervision of the Election Commission.”

The joint statement pointed to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the postponement, citing the “enormous organizational and logistical challenges” caused by the health calamity as well as disruption of the denomination’s calendar of events. In addition, the pandemic has prevented church leaders from meeting “in person as we historically have to conduct the critical business of the church.”

While acknowledging that the use of technology has enabled business to continue, Blake and Thuston also said “technology has required both of us to carefully consider our Constitutional duties and responsibilities regarding the Quadrennial Election within an unprecedented virtual context.”

Blake and Thuston met to address concerns and “clarify steps that must be taken to ensure the unity of our denomination.” The successful meeting resulted in an agreement to utilize a vendor to conduct the election.

“We are both satisfied that this agreement will result in a fair and honest election that represents the high standard of integrity that the Church of God in Christ must always operate within,” the statement read. “We want every delegate to stand with us and participate fully in the Quadrennial Election as we prayerfully select our new leaders.”

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