And Cody Bellinger’s grand slam was another big moment for Dodger fans. Enrique Hernandez blasted three homers as the Dodgers won four games to one and celebrations are still going on. Yasiel Puig was a cause for happiness too as he celebrated too, with some fine play at the plate, in the rooting section and on the field.
Check This! In the fifth inning of the opener with the Cubs, Puig delivered a solid double that scored the Dodgers’ first run which helped the locals to a 5-2 win. Puig batted .414 in eight playoff contests.
It wasn’t a sweep, but any kind of a win will cause Dodger fans to shout Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
And the beat continues!

Tough night for the Dodgers as they lose 11-6 to the Giants on Saturday. As Albert Pujols knocked his 669th homer in the outfield, his team struggled to get a victory. Pujols tied Babe Ruth for fourth place on the all-time list of extra-base hits. With that said, the Dodgers gave up a season-high 16 hits.

Julio Urias started for the Dodgers, and it was not one of his best games, and his reliever could not come soon enough. Eight of the first 15 batters were able to get 11 hits on Urias. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, He needed to give us five innings, and he did that.” 

Urias said, “The fastball wasn’t there. I didn’t really have the other stuff working for me.” Throughout his struggles, Roberts managed to keep the Urias on the mound. He noted he still believed Urias’s pitching was good. “I just felt that his stuff was still good. I’m not putting him in harm’s way. It’s the bottom part of the order, the pitcher being one of them. I just think it’s a smart baseball move.”

Albert Pujols (55) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

Roberts gave Urias the confidence to pitch five innings. “To go out there and pitch five innings, to give a little bit more length, and for Dave to have the confidence in me to throw those five innings is something I could take away, and feel really good about and really about.”

“It’s losing a game today, but it’s also how you lose it. Being able to save an arm or two for tomorrow and the days to come are important,” says Roberts. He gave Julio credit for shorting the game and lasting five innings.

On the bright side, Dodgers activated Cody Bellinger and Zach Mckinstry after missing 46 and 33 games.

In Bellinger’s return, he was 0-4 and a run scored after a walk.” It feels good. Feels really good. I haven’t done this in a while, so it’s good to be back, man. Real good.” Bellinger said he didn’t feel like he was a part of this team because of his schedule. “It’s good to be back with the boys. It’s going to be nice not watching on TV. It’ll be nice to be in the games.”

Julio Urias (7)(Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

According to Roberts, Bellinger will start the remaining five games of the homestand to get back comfortable and not put too much pressure on his body.

When Pujols signed with the Dodgers, Bellinger was ecstatic. He got a locker right next to the legend. “I’ve heard nothing but unbelievable things. And, you know, obviously, I knew it playing against him, but now he’s part of the team, and I’m lucky enough to be locker mates next to him. So I know I’m going to take full advantage of being next to a future Hall of Famer and try to learn from him as much as I can.

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