Morris Chestnut receives the 2,716th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
(Credit: @imagerybyoscar/HCOC)

In front of his family and friends, veteran actor Morris Chestnut received the 2,716th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chestnut took Hollywood by storm in the 1991 cult classic, “Boyz n the Hood.” He rightfully acknowledged that no matter what role he plays, he will always be known as Ricky Baker, the iconic character in Boyz n the Hood, a film directed by the late John Singleton.

The coming-of-age story about a group of Black friends growing up in South Central Los Angeles amid police brutality and racial injustice portrayed a nuanced way of life that continues to resonate with audiences 30 years later.

Morris Chester Chestnut Jr. was born in Cerritos, CA, the son of Morris Sr. and Shirley Wynn Chestnut, in 1969. Chestnut noted the specialness of the day, pointing out that he was receiving his star on his mother’s birthday (March 23). Of his mother, Chestnut readily acknowledged that this “day is not possible without her .”Chestnut said she instilled in him the adage; the “early bird gets the worm.

Chestnut grew up with two siblings, sister Carmen and brother Mark. During the ceremony, Chestnut paid homage to his family, becoming emotional when speaking of his late father,  “I hate that he can’t be here for this day. One of the many lessons he taught him was being responsible and accountable.”

Morris Chestnut and Family. From L to R: Son – Grant Chestnut, Morris, wife Pam Chestnut, and daughter Paige Chestnut
(Credit: @imagerybyoscar/HCOC)

Chestnut credited sister Carmen’s love for him; reminiscing on the time she tried to force an elementary school kid to read instead of going out to play during summer vacation. He also gave credit to his brother Mark for helping to see that “anything is possible.”

Chestnut, married to Pam Byse for 27 years, hilariously described their meeting in a club. He honored his wife, telling the crowd, “She is an incredible woman, wife, and the backbone of our family. This star should have both of our names on it.” His two children, Grant and Paige, were present as Chestnut reflected on the “wonder of seeing them grow up” and his love for all thigs family.   Chestnut spoke of the importance of his lifelong friends, Harold Suggs (also his cousin), Ray Jackson, and Frank Beckton.

In a 1990 episode of “Freddy’s NightmaresA Nightmare on Elm Street – The Series,” Chestnut made his professional debut. He is best known for his roles in “The Brothers,” “The Perfect Holiday,” “Rosewood,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Being Mary Jane,” “The Resident,” “Our Kind of People,” “Think Like a Man,” “The Best Man,” and “The Best Man Holiday.”

Chestnut will soon reprise his Best Man role, footballer Lance Sullivan, in a 10-episode limited series that will stream on the platform Peacock, “The Best Man Wedding: The Final Chapter.”

For his vast body of work, Chestnut received a NACCP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series for “Nurse Jackie” and an award for Best Actor, “Best Man Holiday,” at the Acapulco Black Film Festival.