Wide receiver Mike Williams (81) had five receptions for 99 yards and one touchdown against the Broncos (Facebook Photo)

The Los Angeles Chargers lost to the Denver Broncos 30-31. Chargers held the lead throughout the entire game, and the Broncos made a surging 21-6 comeback in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Justin Herbert was 29-43 on throwing attempts and had 278 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. They are now 2-5 on the season. Herbert mentioned there was many good things he saw on the field, and it is about finding that happy medium, but they did not get the job done. “We didn’t get the win today, but I saw a lot of good things there.” He also noted it was tough to be in the lead like that and lose. But we can’t change the result of what happened. We just have to move on.” Chargers will watch the film and learn to finish in the red zone, says Herbert.

Receiver Mike Williams caught five passes for 99 yards and one touchdown in the Chargers efforts to defeat the Broncos. Despite the loss, Williams made a terrific one-handed catch in the third quarter to boost their lead. In the end, Williams states they need to figure out different strategies to get a victory. “We just have to find ways to win. That’s the main thing. We get in these types of situations. It’s the NFL; it’s going to come down to situations like this, in this league.”

Running back, Justin Jackson had a solid game for the Chargers. He rushed 89 yards on 17 carries. He noted the team was not hesitant or complacent; they just need to execute better. “Games come down to the wire in the NFL. When we’re ahead, we got to keep putting points on them to keep that spread up and help the defense out. We got to go out there and get the win.”

The Chargers disappointed their fans again this season. They were up the entire game, and with one second in the game, they were called for passing interference in the end zone. In the next play, Drew Lock threw a pass to KJ Hamler at the buzzer for the win. Chargers have blown leads in the last four games, and they are the first team in NFL History to blow leads of 16 or more points in four straight games.

When asked if there should be any changes made with coaches or personnel, an upset head coach Anthony Lynn said, “It’s not time to make those changes.” He continued, “This is what we have, this is our staff, there are our players. So right now, what we got to do as a group is figure this out — why we’re blowing these leads that we’re getting, and why we’re not finishing games, like we need to, in the fourth quarter.” Lynn mentioned they blew leads the past four weeks and reiterated that’s it too soon for changes.

Head coach Lynn was asked again about making changes, and he immediately stated, “We got to figure this sh** out.” Lynn said they couldn’t hire coaches and new players in the middle of the season. After the game, players were frustrated; some were sitting on the sidelines with their hands on their heads. Players mentioned they don’t know why they keep blowing leads.

The Chargers look to bounce back against the Raiders on Sunday.