The Early Years

Ross Johnson was born September 2, 1920, to Mary Roberts-Johnson and Charlie Johnson (only child) in the small town of Mount Enterprise in East Texas, approximately 100 miles Southeast of Dallas.

Ross, also known as “Doc” left home at 12-years-old taking on odd jobs and was known to be a “Jack of all trades.” After his 22nd birthday in 1942, he joined the U.S. Army, stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky. In 1944, Ross met and married his wife, Mae and he moved his new family to California, where he purchased his first home in “Vermont Square” in the city of Los Angeles. Later, in 1965, Ross and his wife purchased their second home in “View Heights” also in Los Angeles and is where Ross and Mae raised their children. Ross and his beautiful wife Mae continue to live in their “View Heights” home today.

After working several jobs throughout his life in auto repair, Ross was hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District where he worked as a Truck Driver for 15 years and proudly retired in the late 1980s. Ross has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life, this spirit has afforded he and his family their comfortable life style.

Ross “Doc” Johnson

In 2019, Ross and his wife Mae became members at Grace United Methodist Church, 4112 W. Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90043, which is only two short blocks from their home. They visited Grace for many years prior.

Ross and Mae were also devoted members at Bethel AME Church at 7900 S. Western Avenue since 1998 where they both served as Board members. Ross’ love for God shows in his love for people as his personal ministry.

Ross’s first church home in California was in 1944, where he became a member of Saint Johns United Methodist Church in Watts, CA. Ross served as a steward and a member of the Brotherhood Crusade and was a “Sargent of Arms” for his “View Heights” Block Club in 2003. Ross has 13 grand, great- grand and great-great grandchildren who he loves dearly! He has also been a surrogate father to hundreds more!