Chauncy Glover (KCBS)

Every first Saturday of the month, a brotherhood of Black men is being built, one step at a time, of all places, along the hiking trails of Southern California.

“Black Men Hike” is an organization founded by Jelani Nattey.  He said that in his journey of nature and hiking, he discovered not only the physical benefits of hiking, but also realized it helped him deal with mental challenges associated with stress and anxiety.

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After realizing the many advantages of his hobby, he started inviting friends to join him along the hiking trails.  The group has grown considerably and now has about 70 men who are part of the group of regular attendees experiencing the benefits of nature and hikes firsthand.

The group conducts hikes throughout Southern California. (Courtesy photo)

The group takes treks throughout Southern California, climbing trails in Santa Monica Mountains, Ranch Cucamonga, Mount Baldy, and more. According to one participant, “The hike is a safe space for Black men where intentions are shared and a brotherhood has grown.”

KCAL’s anchor Chauncy Glover joined this group of adventurers and had a chance to personally experience the advantages of the hike.  He shares the encounter in a special report on Monday, Dec. 11, at 11 p.m. on “KCAL News at 11” on CBS2.

The Black Men Hike organization includes about 70 men. (Courtesy photo)

The group has expanded their monthly hikes to include journeys aimed specifically at Black teen boys, so that they can also experience the benefits that come with the tranquility of nature.  The hikes are free to attend, but registration is required, and spots are limited.

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