Dr. John Warren

It is very important that as we begin to mark our ballots on this Recall Election, that we understand the two questions on the ballot. The first question asks for a “Yes” or “No” on the recall of Governor Newsom. We urge you to mark “NO.”

You do not have to mark any of the persons under the second question.

The whole idea is that we only want to retain the present Governor and not select possible alternatives. Please do not mark other names because you are familiar with them.

We must remember that although there are more Democrats than Republicans in the State of California, it is estimated that about 72 percent of the Republicans will vote, compared to an expected 60 some percent of the Democrats, because we think that just because we have a majority in the state, we can’t lose.

Not true.

Every “No” vote counts. Let’s not sleep on this one. A failure to vote is the same as voting for one of the alternative candidates. Let’s mark those ballots and get them in the mail. Make this election a landslide for Newsom and stay our course until the next election.