Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings!

The restaurant has been going one year strong and continues to be the place for food and sports on the ‘Shaw.

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) celebrated its grand opening with lights, celebrities and public officials at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza (BHCP) over a year ago. NBA star and owner of BWW, Trevor Ariza with franchisees, Karim Webb and Edward Barnett, brought the eatery to Crenshaw and the community.

Today, the local gathering spot continues to thrive on the Shaw serving tasty wings and other dishes to hungry and sport-loving customers. BWW is a sit-down, family style restaurant in the community shopping center where people can relax and eat good food.

BBW hosts an assortment of wings, traditional and boneless, including Salt & Vinegar, Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki, Caribbean and Desert Heat to name a few. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, drinks and dessert. They also have a kid menu for the kiddies.

The BWW experience is completed with numerous flatscreens showcasing any and all sports. From basketball to martial arts, you can eat your wings and enjoy your favorite sport on a big screen television.

“We are grateful for the 70+ young people that work for us and we want them to develop their skills to operate in a business environment so that they can utilize them to serve people here and take those skills with them into the future.” Karim Webb, franchisee/owner of Buffalo Wild Wings on Crenshaw (Above)

BWW was a part of a wave of new ventures moving through the Crenshaw District transforming the South L.A. area. Ken Lombard, of CAPRI CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC, was responsible for many of the establishments in the Crenshaw District such as the renovation of the BHCP, Starbucks, and the Magic Johnson Theaters, to name a few.

Lombard’s endeavors helped to bring BWW to this area. Hiring 120 local young people right-off-the-bat, BWW has provided jobs and opportunities, which have helped to stimulate our local economy.

For information about BUFFALO WILD WINGS BAR & GRILL BALDWIN HILLS, please visit www.buffalowildwings.com, or follow Buffalo Wild Wings Baldwin Hills on Twitter.

Photos by Troy Tieuel