TJ Sterling, RAE Comics president and lead artist.  (Courtesy Photo)

Here are a few of the Black men and women making moves in the comic book industry.

TJ Sterling

TJ Sterling is an artist, writer and the president and lead artist of RAE Comics, which stands for Red, Arcis: the Latin word for stronghold, fortress or house, and Entertainment. RAE Comics features diverse and underrepresented characters that go outside traditional American comics mixed with Eastern philosophies, creating something unique. Learn more at

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Award-winning artist, designer, photographer and illustrator David G. Brown (Courtesy Photo)

David G. Brown

David G. Brown is an award-winning artist, whose editorial cartoons have been featured in the Sentinel for the last 20 years. A gifted designer, photographer and illustrator, David’s work and merits are impressive. The David G Brown Studios were established in 1995 offering professional services that include: art direction, graphic design, advertising and publishing. David’s experience includes advertising, marketing, animation, film and television. Some of his clients include Los Angeles World Art Ports, Auto Club of Southern California, LAUSD, Wells Fargo Bank, California African American Museum and the City of Los Angeles. He received the Arts and Humanities Professional Achievement Award in 2011 and recently, the Alumni Impact Award in 2023 from Stockton University. Learn more at

Shequeta Smith, creator and founder of Los Angeles-based multimedia company Shero Comics,  (Courtesy Photo)

Shequeta Smith

Shequeta Smith founded Shero Comics in 2016, which is a Los Angeles-based multimedia company on a mission to help women and girls of color find their superpowers in the world of geekdom by building diverse IPs that are leveraged with technology. She also started the local community event “SheroCon,” which returned in 2024. Learn more at

Brent Sands, creator and founder of Impound Comics (Courtesy Photo)

Brent Sands

Brent Trayce Sands is the creator and founder of Impound Comics, which began with his first comic book entitled “The Origin of Impound” marking the birth of the Impound Universe in 2020. Sands was inspired by the Marvel film “Black Panther” to pursue a career in comics. Since the release of his first book, he has published several new titles, opened the Impound Comics Store in downtown Sacramento, and has experienced substantial growth both online and in the realm of comic books. He was awarded Sacramento’s “Top 40 Under 40” award for the development of Impound Comics. Learn more at

Karla Medrano, creator of the award-winning comic book series, “Luna the Queen of Mahru.” (Courtesy Photo)

Karla Medrano

Karla Medrano, AKA Moon the Storyteller, is the creator of the award-winning comic book series, “Luna the Queen of Mahru,” published by Konkret Comics. The wife, mom, and nurse launched her book series in November of 2022 and has received the 2022 Indie Comix Dispatch Award for “Series with the Most Potential” and was nominated for a 2023 BEAM Award for Best Cover. Medrano has sold out of her first print run of #1 and currently has a Kickstarter that will run through February to raise funds for #2. Learn more at