Bonita Smith, owner of Inside Out Restorative (Courtesy photo)

Bonita Smith is more than just the mother of rapper and record producer, Tyler the Creator. She is also the owner of “Inside Out Restorative Spa” in Woodland Hills.

The world was literally first introduced to Smith at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. Filled with tears of joy, she joined her son on stage to celebrate his Best Rap Album win where he said, “That’s my mom, if y’all wondering.”

Smith says she was led into the world of health and wellness when her mother was diagnosed with leukemia. She shares that though she had little knowledge of the disease, she wanted to learn how to best serve her mother.

“I knew I wanted to learn about holistic ways as opposed to Western medicine, and I understood the chemo and radiation, which is very harsh, I wanted to move over to the holistic role and learn more about it,” said Smith.

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“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save her because she passed away before learning and taking on this field and opening the spa.”

Although Smith is in the holistic space, she does believe it can work in tandem with traditional medicine received in the United States.

“I don’t believe that everything is absolute, except math,” said Smith. “I believe in Western medicine and holistic healing.”

Inside Out Restorative Spa offers several healing services including, ionic footbaths, lymphatic drainage massage, colon hydrotherapy, fit body wraps, a cocoon pod, an infrared sauna, yoni steams for the women, and mani steams for men, amongst others.

Smith says these holistic treatments are very important for healthy living, especially for Black people.

“A lot of us just aren’t fully into this vein, and we are not educated about holistic wellness,” said Smith.

“While I was going to school [for wellness training] I was the only African American in that course. I was like ‘wow, I can really help and benefit our community.’”

Smith says possibly being the only Black-owned spa in Woodland Hills is part of what makes it unique. She also cites the oasis-like atmosphere of Inside Out, and the reasonable cost of services as other pluses.

“Our prices are very fair, and they’re not astronomical,” said Smith. “I believe in helping the community and helping us with affordable services.”

Smith states she is more focused on the education behind her services for the Black community, and not just making a profit. She is also a proponent of the restorative and preventative aspects of the holistic care of African Americans.

“I would like to see more of us take pride and take the initiative to come in and take part in a preventive service, because detoxifying makes you feel so good,” said Smith.