Dr. Sonja Dawson, Dr. K.W. Tulloss, and Dr. Susie Jones, with Rev. Donald Robinson, Rev. Patricia Fargas, Dr. L.A Kessee, and Pastor Elton Johnson. (Malik Morris-Perry/L.A. Sentinel)

The Baptist Minister’s Conference of Los Angeles and Southern California sponsored a Women’s History Month Celebration at New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church on March 18.

The Rev. Dr. K.W. Tulloss, BMC president, and the Rev. Dr. Sonja R. Dawson, NMC pastor, united to host the event, which featured the Rev. Dr. Susie Jones, pastor and founder of God’s House of Prayer, as the guest speaker.

The BMC’s decision to honor women in ministry marks a significant shift in church culture in Los Angeles. The Baptist Minister’s Conference has traditionally been male-dominated, but under Tulloss’ leadership, the organization is making strides towards inclusivity and recognition of women’s contributions to the ministry. In fact, he has also been the first president to appoint a female vice president in the person of Rev. Patricia Strong-Vargas, who serves as the VP of Political Affairs.

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Dawson, who is known for her powerful preaching and leadership skills, played a pivotal role in organizing the event. She expressed her excitement about celebrating Women’s History Month and highlighting the important role that women play in spreading the Gospel and serving their communities. Her alliance with Dr. Tulloss has brought a new era for women ministers into denominational leadership, which began in late 2019 after she became a member and Order of the Day speaker at a Baptist Minister’s Conference meeting.

Jones delivered an inspiring message during the celebration, emphasizing the importance of empowering women to pursue their callings in ministry without limitations or barriers. Her words resonated with attendees from various churches across Los Angeles who were present to show their support for women in ministry.

The event was attended by pastors, church leaders, and community members who all came together to celebrate and uplift women in ministry. It was a joyous occasion filled with music, prayer, and fellowship as participants reflected on the historic moment and looked towards a future where gender equality is embraced within the church.

Overall, the Women’s History Month Celebration hosted by the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Los Angeles was a resounding success and served as a testament to the progress being made towards honoring and recognizing women in ministry throughout Los Angeles.