Ava DuVernay executive produces “Cherish The Day.” COURTESY: OWN NETWORK

Ava DuVernay, the creative force behind “Selma” and critically acclaimed documentary “When They See Us,” is expanding her effort to bring Black representation to the arts. This time she collaborates with the Oprah Winfrey Network again for the upcoming romantic series titled “Cherish The Day.”

The romantic anthology drama follows the relationship of one couple that spans a single day. Each episode dives deep into the complexity behind relationships. The first season uncovers the interactions between Gently James, played by Xosha Roquemore, and Evan Fisher, played by Alano Miller, while living in Los Angeles.

DuVernay continues bringing women of color both in front and behind the screens. “Cherish The Day” reached full gender parity with a production crew of over 50% women. She also added 18 department female heads. The show debuts February 2020 on the OWN Network.

The Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper spoke with DuVernay along with Miller and Roquemore about the series at the ARRAY Creative Campus.

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL (LAS): We are here at the ARRAY Creative Campus. What would you say to someone who is struggling to find success in their creativity?

XOSHA ROQUEMORE: You just have to keep going especially on the hard days when you don’t believe in yourself. When I’m having those moments, I try to replay the tape in my head of the positive times in my life.

ALANO MILLER: I would also add that it is about having the opportunity to practice. If you are able to practice then you are actually doing your creative work. Go in and just give it your best.

AVA DUVERNAY: If you are an actor, you might not get representation right away or land that big movie. But you have to ask yourself these questions. Are you studying? Are you reading the greats? Are you breaking down performances? It is about knowing that there is value in each of those steps. If you try to get there too early, you won’t enjoy the process. Embrace the steps. It’s the most beautiful part of the journey. Sad thing is that most people don’t know that while they are going through it.

“Cherish The Day” stars Alano Miller and Xosha Roquemore. COURTESY: OWN NETWORK

LAS: “Cherish The Day” portrays a variety of Black representation. For example, Alano’s character Evan is upper class yet he enjoys a variety of hobbies. What’s your opinion on Hollywood’s’ lack of representation of Black roles?

DUVERNAY: Yes we do find that type of limited representation within television and film historically. We live in a golden age right now where we can witness all kinds of Black people. I think one of the great things about the L.A Sentinel is that it is our historically Black newspaper here in Los Angeles. Just as you are transitioning to digital and changing, so are artists. We are pushing away the stereotypes of what Black people should be on screen.

LAS: The show stars the great Cicely Tyson. How was your experience working with her on set?

ROQUEMORE: Sometimes we get so busy on set that everything becomes crazy. But she knows how to take that and replenish to jump back in. I thought that was amazing.

MILLER: There is something that is just magnetic about her. She just walks into a space and you are just drawn into her presence. There is a centermost wisdom from her that allows you to put your guard down. I always admired that.