Anti-Violence Ventures (AVV) hosted a ‘mid-year check in and connection session’ on Friday, June 2, at Queen Park in Inglewood.

The event, organized by the California Black Women’s Health Project, was titled “Men’s Moment of Clarity” which provided a safe space to network, connect, and celebrate. Refreshments, yoga & light stretching, a healing circle, and statements of abundance was included in Friday’s event.

Funded by Blue Shield of CA Foundation, AVV’s “Black Men & Boys take a Lead” is an innovative anti-violence social intervention model whose mission is to break the cycle of violence in the Black community through a series of community conversations that engage both Black men and boys.

Anti-Violence Ventures (AVV) hosted a two-hour event at Queen Park to promote mind care, heart care, and community care. (Courtesy photo)

Their purpose is to get Black men and boys to talk about forms of violence prevention, learn from them when they talk and engage in violence prevention in their homes, lives and communities, and determine what possible solutions and changes can occur when they discuss violence prevention.

George W. Granberry, III is the ambassador for Anti-Violence ventures who works in the community by engaging with young Black men to support their vision.

“AVV focuses on the intrinsic links between three types of violence that are prevalent among Black couples, families, and in Black neighborhoods – domestic, family, and community service,” Granberry stated.

AVV is committed to being the change Black men and boys need in order feel comfortable expressing themselves amongst each other. He stressed how it is assumed that Black men and boys are not comfortable discussing personal and community violence or prevention. He also believes that with investments, through incentives, support, and encouragement, “Black men and boys will engage in transformative dialogue and action around violence and violence prevention.”

Men of all ages participated in the event. Granberry emphasized how Moment of Clarity’s objective was to create a safe space for men to talk and reflect.

He stated that the “intention was the result” and how AVV wanted to “feed some brothas, inspire brotherhood, give them a healing circle, and encourage them to leave that positive energy with someone else.”

“Our personal experiences tend to blend together like water colors and we don’t always get the chance to process events to give out emotions a place to go,” he acknowledged.

He hopes that the session was the break his guests needed.

“They chose to be there by showing up and received a deposit into their spirit which we hope allows them to one, reflect on the first half of the year and verbalize an accomplishment, two, focus internally on feelings associated with any challenges they faced and give them a break to allow those emotions to find a home so that we could all, and three, move forward toward the second half of the year with expectation of abundance,” Granberry explained.

Granberry expressed his gratitude for who he calls “three great ambassadors” that do tremendous work with men in the community.

“Justin Rhoane and Albert Neal are a big part of this vision,” he stressed. “The work can’t happen without them.”

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