Lula Cordero (Courtesy photo)

Heads up, curly head family, Ms. Lulu Cordero — a proud Afro-Latina – is the creator of Bomba Curls, which is designed to cater to Type 3 and Type 4 curls – the most common curl types throughout the Afro Latino and African American communities and it works!

This clean-beauty brand uses the unique elements of Dominican-style formulations and blends them with time-tested hair care secrets and organic ingredients to naturally nourish the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, and achieve luscious curls.

Like most great products, Bomba Curls was created by Cordero because she was suffering from severe traction alopecia. She believes that natural is better and made a decision to share the tightly kept Dominican beauty secrets used by generations of women to suit the needs of natural coils and curls without sacrificing the clean, pure, and organic aspects of natural hair care.

Forbidden Hair Mask is one of Bomba Curls’ products. (Courtesy photo)

The goal of Bomba Curls, in using premium and organic super-ingredients, is to help achieve maximum length retention and curls that add that extra layer of beauty to textured hair.

Here are a few more Afro-Latino companies to help celebrate Latino Heritage Month — September 15 through Saturday, October 15.


The product line includes Dominion Forbidden Oil. (Courtesy photo)

Luna Magic Beauty

Sister-duo Mabel and Shaira Frias are the creators of this indie beauty and lifestyle brand. With Mabel’s experience in eCommerce and digital strategy paired with Shaira’s talent as a makeup artist, the Washington Heights, Manhattan natives created a beauty brand that highlights their Dominican culture while also keeping the Black woman’s need in mind.

Reina Skincare

Reina Skincare is a luxury brand that contains products with natural ingredients. The line was influenced by the founder’s battle of years of acne. Based in Florida, the brand offers body butter, serums, facemasks, oils, and body scrubs.

Gloryscent Beauty

Rafaela Gonzalez created Gloryscent, a brand that promotes a natural and facilitated journey to healthy and radiant skin, mainly from environmental aggressors such as sun damage and air pollution.

Botánika Beauty

Botánika Beauty embraces Afro-descendent beauty rituals. Created by Ada Rojas, the herb-focused products include plants like bay leaf for a touch of shine and sage for hair growth. As stated on its website: “We’re changing wash day to self-care day: Light a candle, run the water, and reflect as you mend, define, hydrate, protect, and revitalize your hair.”

MicMas Remix

Afro-Boriqua Adassa Ramirez created MicMas Remix, which offers hair products made with non-GMO, raw, unrefined, sustainable, and organic ingredients. The goal? To support proper guidance for better coarse and coily hair care of all types, whether it’s in dreadlocks, natural or relaxed.

Rizos Curls

Julissa Prado spent years creating the formula for her curly hair-care line, Rizos Curls. She now has over 167k Instagram followers and is ships to more than 57 countries. Her haircare line is also available in Target stores.

Honey Baby Naturals

Aisha Ceballos-Crump hit the market with Honey Baby Naturals in 2016,  selling on the shelves of Target, Walmart, Sally Beauty, CVS, and Rite Aid. She said to, “I’m Puerto Rican, my husband’s African American, and I have three kids with three different hair textures. I created Honey Baby Naturals as a way to address families’ needs and build confidence.”


Farah Pink launched her skincare brand, Pinkness, in 2018 with the Forever Flawless Beauty Oil — a fast-absorbing and nourishing oil that helps firm, revitalize, and tone the for a more radiant look. Pinkness is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free with all-natural ingredients.