Veronica Hendrix (Courtesy Photo)

A funny thing happened while Los Angeles based food writer Veronica Hendrix was sitting at home, complying with the COVID-19 “safer at home” orders enacted by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Out of sheer isolation and a bit of boredom, Hendrix the writer of the widely read food blog, turned on the audio recorder on her Samsung S9 Smartphone and recorded herself making a new recipe she was testing for an upcoming blog post.

The audio wasn’t highly polished – and she knew it – but her messing around and musings in the kitchen were a whimsical attempt at keeping herself entertained while alone in the kitchen.

That first audio recording, which was about 15 minutes long, featured her making her “Soulful Hummus” recipe which is made out of black-eyed peas and red beans beans.

Soulful Hummus (Courtesy Photo)

On the recording, Hendrix steps through the hummus preparation with spontaneous and entertaining commentary. And the sound effects from her tinkering about in the kitchen are a welcomed delight to the imagination, not to mention the recipe is creative and easy to follow.

Hendrix’s podcast Cooking with Collard Greens and Caviar can now be heard on Los Angeles’ 94.7 FM The Wave Radio Station. The organic, homespun podcast is recorded from her kitchen.

Hendrix is chatty, engaging and unapologetically real and relatable. “With so many people quarantined and sheltering in place, this is just the kind of podcast to ignite their epicurean imagination and take them on a cooking excursion from my little kitchen,” said Hendrix adding that she hopes  her podcast will inspire listeners to get cooking and keep cooking long after the Coronavirus is behind us.

Here’s the link to her debut podcast on 94.7 FM The WAVE Radio

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