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Where’s the Christian Voice?
By Brandon Bowlin (Blogger)
Published June 26, 2008

Where’s the Christian Voice?

Right Wing religiouso James Dobson attacks Senator Barack Obama and I have to ask:

Despite Malcolm’s claim (which I believe) that King’s prominence in the civil rights movement had a lot to do with Rockefeller money, it still was an extraordinary movement. Little mentioned was the religious organization that knitted together strategies to administer the movement. Yes, the SCLC was just that, but they relied on little churches and congregations all along the way. Catholics, Jews, and Muslims contributed in their own way. King was a Baptist. Adam Clayton Powell was a Baptist. Malcolm a NOI Muslim and later orthodox…Pastors and Preachers from small counties and large states, all moved to collect the momentum of that movement.

That was long ago.

It could be said that today’s leaders are more concerned with not being audited or even losing their non-profit status for weighing into politics. Yet you have sway. And what is power if not to be used? What good can all that you can impress upon so many be to many more if all you are IS important rather than DOING something important.

In fact as the years go by, how many of us have placed in our closet our excuses for not speaking out against the war and it’s cheerleaders of death?

I submit that, aside from the great singing and arm waving; today’s mega-Christians are barely to be seen in producing a front against the thrashing of the constitution or against the ignorance and hate speech of the Evangelical Right and this war. Like that of James Dobson. He presented an attack on part of a speech by Senator Barack Obama.

But, I have been to several War Protests from Hollywood to Downtown LA and I have yet to see a banner from Black Church sponsors.

Your fearless leader.

the Green Party.

a kid Dobson hasn't’t gotten to yet.

Is there a Black Christian Leader in Los Angeles who can lay out scripture of how the killing of Hundreds of Thousands in Babylon, even after it was proved that the war was manipulated into being, is murder?

Is there a Black Christian Leader in Los Angeles who will say, unequivocally, that based on the Bible and without repentance, George Bush and all who protect this war, are going to hell?

Is there a Black Christian Leader in Los Angeles who will speak up for the temperance the Senator Obama has tried to relate by using their expertise of the Bible to refute the White Hate mongering so called Evangelical Christians.

I mean they are your brothers right?

They are Christians right?

And if not…WHY DON’T YOU SAY SO?

Young Princes of West Angeles. Young Princes of First AME. Young Princes of Faithful Central and many others…

Where is YOUR voice?


The Republican party gave a home to the American Empire’s priesthood called the Christian Right Evangelists. From the quarries of their mistranslations and cultist lockstep, they have praised the movements of George W. Bush in all its inglorious fashion…and America has suffered. They are given a voice on Fox “news” and attack factual challenges with implied racism, dehumanization and out and out stupid drones.

Where are the ranks of Christians lined up to pummel them over the head with accurate assessments of scripture and a great deforesting of their thatched and intolerant positions on Islam, Democrats or Senator Obama?

The Republican record is so disgusting that they cannot mention any platform on which to debate. So, they have turned to 3rdGrade name calling. They started with malapropism of Osama/Obama. They then attacked his wife (this is something White Republicans do a lot of…attacking someone’s wife…They’re kind of the “Night Stalker” of politics…). They also attacked Reverend Wright on a 6 year old speech. An ACCURATE 6 year old speech!

And now they’ve done it again.

James Dobson of Focus on the Family infamy has attacked Senator Obama for “deliberately distorting” the Bible and "dragging biblical understanding through the gutter," "willfully trying to confuse people," and having a "fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution."

Once again…3rd Grade name calling. Okay…I’m down!

Dobson also accused Senator Obama of using Old Testament scripture for New Testament circumstances. Damn, using the Old Testament in Christianity! That’s like calling a basketball player for dribbling! Except that even here Dobson turns out to be well, a moron (see I can geddown!), as he has left a quote or two from the wayback machine:

“Despite all the spiritual shortcomings of the Jewish people,” Dr. Dobson said, “according to scripture — and those criticisms come not from Christians but from the Old Testament. Just look in Deuteronomy, where Jews are referred to as a stiff-necked and stubborn people — despite all of that, God has chosen to bless them as his people. God chose to bless Abraham and his seed not because they were a perfect people any more than the rest of the human family.”

-New York Times Nov. 14, 2006

Wow! Ole f#ckhead even tells ya what Old Testament book to look to…and still he had the guts to critique Obama yesterday.

This, about a speech Dobson never attended and about a book that he supposedly knows something about which SUPPOSEDLY says something about not lying or falsely accusing or something like that.

Of course Dobson doesn’t care. The Evangelical has its roots in much of the White Supremacy idealism that started this nation. There are some exceptions as the world moves forward, but mostly today the megas are about a sense of entitlement finding sanctuary around twisted words in the Bible that make them feel clean about their filthy imperialism.

Like when Pat Robertson called for the “taking out” of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. I like Chavez but that’s not the point…I almost died of loss of blood for the paper cuts I got thumbing through the Bible and looking for Jesus’ Sermon on assassination!

“And so verily I say unto you; Let him who will not bend to the will of the God OF America who hast cast much prosperity into the lap of those who hath killed for it; be stricken in the night from the shadow of God’s army; who when spoken shall answer to the name; CIA and thus, lay their hands upon him that is Chavez, walk him as under the moon—and take him out”

—Hypocrisy 3:16 from the Robertson Bible

John Hagee hopes to rebuild the temple and bring about a war to bring about Armageddon…Only I have no doubt that his hateful heralding for war will bar him from heaven. In one sermon he talks about the two houses of Abraham and goes on to separate humanity. That’s something Hitler was good for…separation just before the gas was turned on.

As a matter of fact I’m down with Jeremiah Wright on this one. Slave Masters and Slaves cannot have the same God. I am not tied by any tenet that restricts me from saying that, if there is indeed a hell, the attrition of their lies and destruction of humanity for their arrogance in “causes” cannot possibly place the Right Wing in the same place as the soul the infant Iraqi Child who’s head has been split open with blessings of so called Christian men.

Such that would bless the crimes of George W. Bush. Torture. Death and the pain of war.


Senator Obama has used a faith driven message with his politics. Mentioning that it’s time for progressives to get beyond their bias against it. Fair enough. But every time he approaches it, he is attacked by the Evangelists. Then he is cornered into delineating his position on faith. Not because he teaches killing other humans but because he is a Democrat. But that’s the point…He isn’t a priest. America is not and should not ever elect a Priest, Preacher, Rabbi or Imam.

Christianity ain’t like a frat. Where you’re kinda together and then go off to be other things. SUPPOSEDLY there is a canon. A doctrine. Tenets. I mean could I say Jesus slept with at least eight women and never married one of them without you pulling up boards from the pulpit to bash me over the head?

Then why continue to leave Obama to fight these petty and oblivious men? Every time he has to defend what I believe is a very personal relationship, he loses a bit of weight in governance. And remember the type of President ol’ big Christian Bush has turned out to be!!!

No…you should wage the battle on this nation’s behalf. When an Evangelical snake oil magician spews his vitriol, you experts should shut him down. When a conjuror of hate spreads infectious fear, you find his misquotes and calm the masses. Neither Senator Obama nor Reverend Wright should have spent anytime alone defending their faith based positions.

The Churches have swelled in numbers and money in a decade or so. The good word does nothing for skeptics like me without works. When I hear a Christian say “don’t rely on works” I say, “Coward”. That’s right. In decrying the modern interpretation of Jesus about turning the other cheek Malcolm X said:

“Whenever you and I are discussing our problems we need to be very objective, very cool, calm, collected. But that doesn't mean we should always be. There's a time to be cool and a time to be hot. See, you got messed up into thinking that there's only one time for everything. There's a time to love and a time to hate. Even Solomon said that, and he was in that Book too. You're just taking something out of the Book that fits your cowardly nature. And when you don't want to fight, you say, "Well, Jesus said don't fight." But I don't even believe Jesus said that”


When the history books are written, there will be a blurb or two about these past 8 years. It will say that, after being “taken over” by radical branches called the Neo-Cons and Far Right, the GOP righted itself for the greatness of the country.

This is, of course, straight crap. The Republican Party lustfully went for power. And chose a nincompoop to be the face, while racist and arrogant imperialists set up shop. Today they have been proven to have been an inbred and thoroughly corporately entrenched group of liberty destroyers. All with the consent of men like Dobson. They shouted down anyone who asked for political reason. They besmirched anyone with contradictory evidence of their claims. And they cried Biblical heresy about those who stood up and called their movements ungodly.

Sooner or later someone will rise from the ranks of our Preaching cast who can, once again, offer resistance to the will of such men.

One who can clearly point out that faith is not fear. And any loss; money, prestige, life is worth the defense of the word.

Moreover that one can’t be pro-life AND pro-war. For war is death and life…the exercise where we are given each day to live up to the gifts God has blessed us with.

The advance and defense of such ideas should not be left up to politicians like Senator Barack Obama. Nor to men such as myself. But for those whom God has called upon to recite words of power and deliverance with authority and accuracy.

Plainly. In the face of the sun. So that all may see. You must endeavor to defeat the twisted scripture of men like James Dobson. The pseudo war beat of mongers like John Hagee. The detached blood soaked hype of men like Rod Parsley.

There are about 2 billion Muslims in the world. Beyond even their own apprehensions, they should have an idea that there are some Christians, in some parts of this nation, who are not blinded by ignorance, fear or arrogance.

It is your time to rise.


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