Elder Leonard Peltier (Courtesy photo)

Beginning on September 1, 2022 the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council (AIMGGC) will lead a prayerful walk from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Washington, D.C. to advocate and meet with government officials to seek the immediate release of Leonard Peltier from the U.S. Federal Prison System.

Officially called “Leonard Peltier’s Walk to Justicte,” the spiritual initiative aims to recruit relatives, supporters, and allies to join in brining awareness to Peltier’s situation and unjust imprisonment.  The walk will span 1100 miles, cover eight states and take two-and-one-half months to complete.

“The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness to the case of Leonard Peltier, who was wrongfully convicted in 1977. Leonard’s attorneys petitioned President Biden to grant him clemency, and so that he may not die in prison for a crime he did not commit. So, please pray for Leonard’s health and that his prayers are answered for clemency based on compassionate grounds,” said Frank Paro, AIMGGC national chairman.

According to organizers, Peltier has been unjustly held as a Native American political prisoner by the U.S. Government for over 46 years. His supporters insist that he was wrongly convicted on the basis of proven evidence tampering, coerced testimonies, and an unjust trial.

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Organizers added, “Elder Peltier has severe chronic health problems and suffers from serious health conditions, including progressing diabetes and an abdominal aortic aneurysm that is lethal if ruptured. The U.S. is continuing to hold onto a trial that has gone down in history as one of the most unjust trials of the century.

“The facts are simple, Elder Peltier’s trial was criminally unjust and it is time for the U.S. to do what is right for Elder Leonard Peltier. The reality is that if Elder Peltier’s case were to go to retrial, the tactics the U.S. convicted him on would be exposed to the world.”

AIMGGC invites advocates to support the walk by sharing social media posts to raise awareness, volunteering at events, hosting feasts for the walkers, offering safe places to stay along the route, committing to walking any distance or time, donating supplies, and monetary donations. To make a monetary donation to help supply food, gas and supplies, please follow the link below.

Rachel Thunder (Walk lead AIMGGC and Chapter Director of Indiana and Kentucky American Indian Movement)

“From the prayer and awareness from this walk, we expect to raise awareness and educate the public of the injustices from Elder Leonard Peltier’s incarceration. While raising awareness and educating specifically on Leonard Peltier, we also foresee addressing and shedding light on continued injustices by the United States government on American Indian people and all people of color,” stressed Rachel Thunder, AIMGGC walk lead and AIM Indiana and Kentucky chapter director.

“Ultimately through this prayer and work, we expect to see the release of Leonard Peltier within the Biden administration’s term, given the political climate and the failing health of an elderly Leonard Peltier,” she said.

To learn more, email the organizers at [email protected] or donate at