December 31


1948- “Queen of Disco” Donna Summers was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She gained major prominence during the disco era of the late 1970s.

January 1


1997- Kofi Annan of Ghana became the first Black secretary of United Nations.

January 2

Erroll Garner

1977- Pianist and composer Erroll Garner died in Los Angeles. He was considered one of the best selling jazz pianist in the world.

January 3

The Arsenio Hall Show

1989- The Arsenio Hall Show premiered and was the first regularly scheduled nightly talk show that starred an African American.

January 4

William H. Gray

1985- Congressman William H. Gray was elected chairman of the House Budget Committee and became the highest congressional post held by an African American.

January 5

William H. Hastie

1943- Civilian aid to the Secretary of War William H. Hastie resigned to protest segregation and discrimination in armed forces.