Wendy Gladney

Transition, Transformation, and Triumph! 

As a young girl growing up in Riverside, my aunt was fascinated with butterflies, they were so beautiful and free, and she would admire their elegance and grace.  I wondered how could something that started out as an unattractive caterpillar turn into something magnificent. 

Is Love Broke or Broken? 

Two people in history that I have admired are Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. While these two men lived in different times and places, there are several notable similarities between them.  

Who is Your Standard? 

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has become one of the most popular and iconic magazine issues in the world. It is dedicated to featuring photographs of fashion models, celebrities, and athletes wearing swimwear in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  

We Need to Wake Up to The Anti-Woke Movement 

Most of us remember Spike Lee’s movie, “Do the Right Thing.” Spike directed the movie and played the lead role of Mookie, a young African American man working as a delivery driver for Sal’s pizzeria. 

Are You a Value to Others?

One of my favorite restaurants is Harold and Belles, I love their New Orleans Cajun cuisine.  They have been a visible and viable part of the Los Angeles community for over half a century.   

Anointed Feet Going to Keep on Dancing 

My husband and I recently had a most enjoyable evening when we had the privilege and pleasure to attend a play called, “The Waiting Room,” directed by Dr. Kanisha Bennett of Anointed Feet Dance. The performance was absolutely phenomenal.  

Mr. Belafonte a Man Who Touched Lives  

The recent passing of Harry Belafonte leaves a gaping hole in the heart of the world.  There are many words we use today to describe certain people who are exceptional, words like hero, saint, icon, or goat (greatest of all time).  The word I use to describe Mr. Belafonte is “legend.”  He is a man who achieved extraordinary success as an actor, singer, activist, and humanitarian.  

Tighten Your Grip 

Have you ever felt like life was either moving too fast or too slow? No matter what you did it either was not enough or too little too late.  

The Power of Possibility 

Many of you know that early in my life, I experienced parental abuse and abandonment. I also have had to overcome health issues, failed marriages and professional uncertainties.  

Spring Has Sprung and What Are You Doing? 

There are certain words in the English language that generate a warm thought or feeling, words like home, happy, mother, and family. Another one of those magical words is the word spring.  When I think of that word I get all kind of special feelings.  It has special meanings to different members of my family as well.   

When Women Pray  

As a young girl, I witnessed my grandmother praying on her knees in her bedroom or with her head bowed at the kitchen table talking to the Lord. Through her example, she taught me that there is nothing that we cannot discuss with God and that there is nothing too big for God to handle.  My grandmother drilled into me that it was not the praying that God honored, but rather the faith we have that he will answer our prayers.   

Salute to Black Women  

Each year, the Black Business Association honors women in our community in celebration of Women’s History Month.  This year is extra special because for the first time in history, the Black Business Association here in Los Angeles has a woman president, Sarah Harris, and she is also my sister.