Wendy’s Window: “Give Thanks No Matter What”

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all my blessings; no matter what the year may have tried to throw my way.  Years ago I heard someone say, “when you stop and count all of the good things in your life, all the things you were spared from, all the things you didn’t have to check when you went to the doctor’s office, you can’t help but stop and think about God’s grace and mercy in your life and give thanks.”  There will be storms that come into our lives (external and internal), but when we get hit with various trials and tribulations, that is truly when we must stop and give thanks; no matter what.

Success On “The Way” Ask Dr. Jeanette: “Sowing and Reaping the Harvest”

Thanksgiving and Daylight Savings Time are time buddies. I sought to know how slavery was progressing in related time frames. The custom of giving thanks for the annual harvest is one of the world’s oldest celebrations and can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. We can find some times are determined Biblically by stating events, e.g. “harvest time”… American Thanksgiving tradition dates back to 1621;…not repeated until many years later…1789 George Washington proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on Thursday 26 November that year – setting the precedent making it the last Thursday in November.

Is Trump Looking Out for Workers?

If you leave aside for a moment the horrendous assaults that Trump and his Republican allies have been conducting against American workers and their unions, it is still difficult to see how Trump’s views on trade are helping American workers.

Love, Peace and Happiness Hosts Thanksgiving Day Service

Bishop Leon and Dr. Jacqueline Martin and the Love, Peace and Happiness Church family will hold their Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration on Thursday, November 24, at 11 a.m. The one-hour celebration will be held at the LPH location at 4951 S. Figueroa St. in Los Angeles. Music will be provided by the Mass Choir and all attendees will receive a bottle of anointed oil. “Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and sharing. We invite the public to attend regardless of your church affiliation,” said Bishop Martin, who will deliver the sermon during the service. For information, call (800) 757-6552.