Pamela Bakewell, President of Sabriya’s Castle of Fun Foundation (3rd person from the right, back row) and Jordan King and his colleague from Bank of America, who Volunteer for Sabriya’s Castle of Fun (5th & 6th persons from the left, back row), stand with Children’s Hospital Teen Impact Outpatients and their families. (courtesy photo)

The life of a teenager can be very complex. Journeys in high school, growing up through social relationships and figuring out who they are as individuals can take a toll on them. So, having to do all these things while being in and out of the hospital can seriously hinder the spirits of teenage hospital patients. 

The Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles started a program called Teen Impact to support patient’s psychological, emotional and social health. Preteens, teenagers and young adults from ages 7 to 39 are welcomed to participate in the group.

“Parents always thank us for providing the support their children need. We always hear thank you from the parents and siblings of our patients because it really does help the whole family,” said founder of Teen Impact Dr. Aura Kuperberg. “Cancer and any illness affect the whole family, so work like this is truly important.”

She started off her career doing work in Oncology and later transitioned to doing work the Ronald McDonald House where she orchestrated programs to help families with special needs teens. Kuperberg later got an idea to start the impact group after thinking about all the transitional experiences a teen receives.

“I just thought in working with this population that there wasn’t anything for teens.  Teens have very special needs and they are very unique developmentally.  Whether they’re young or a little older they are particularly isolated. During their teenage years peer relationships are so important,” said Kuperberg.

All of the special services for projects and organizations like Teen Impact depend solely on donors like Sabriya’s Castle of Fun Foundation.

 Sabriya’s Castle has partnered up with the Teen Impact group meetings to sponsor food and activities for the month of January and the starting week of February.


Teen Impact patients laugh and smile while enjoying their meal provided by Sabriya’s Castle. (courtesy photo)    

“We are pleased to support the Teen Impact meetings, which gives support to patients and their families who are out patients. Traditionally Sabriya’s Castle has been helping in patients and their families. We see the need with advancement in science to help those people who get to go home, but still need our support. So, we’re going to be there for them and Children’s Hospital in honor of Sabriya. We sincerely hope that it continues to be the success that it has been,” said President of Sabriya’s Castle Pamela Bakewell.

This is the first charitable work Sabriya’s Castle has been involved in. They’ve hosted ‘Fun parties’ which celebrates pediatric patients and their families with much-needed relief from hospital treatments with food, arts and crafts, and other activities. In addition, they have also hold several times each year a local blood drive for the Los Angeles community at the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper offices. The blood goes towards children suffering from leukemia, sickle cell anemia disease and other blood disorders.

If you’re interested in volunteering or donating blood at the next Sabriya’s Castle Blood drive on March 14, 2015, please visit