The Door Is Open: Use Your Secret Weapon

 Now that we are in the stretch of the Holiday season, thoughts turn to happiness. Charities are looking for contributions and there are many. Jesus said the poor will always be with you and acknowledged that seeking salvation was “the most” important to be done. We cannot in and of our selves be counted among the most blessed, the elect. Jesus said not many will be saved. 

The Door Is Open. It’s Not Too Late – Pathway To Success Part 2 

Someone asked, “Do you want to be successful?” The obvious answer is, “Yes, who does not want to be successful?”  

What do you consider success is? Lot’s answer and in his view, he thought success would be in following his rich relative, Abram, and modeling after him. But, there is a condition here. Some persons think that success is decorating themselves with the glitz or wallowing in riches.  

 “The Deception of Mental Imprisonment”  

Journeying on through time, we read of Moses’ life in Exodus 2:1. He was born into the family of Levi, the priestly tribe. When Moses was born, his parents took notice that there was something about him, something that God had put on him and they saw there was something very special about this child. Scripture says, “a “goodly child.”  

“Crossing The Line part 2 – The Trial of Conscience”

Did you hear what He said? Shhhh. He’s speaking. Listen. He said is something very important.   Did I hear my voice or did I hear “HIS” voice?  I may write you of ancient things and circumstances, nevertheless, the reasons and characteristics are similar. Times may change, but circumstances and needed results are and can be the same.   Samuel, the prophet, goes to Saul. You will recall that Saul was the first king of Israel. Look at what is happening and compare it to today’s events. Samuel says in God’s name, solemnly requires Saul to be obedient to the command of

“Crossing The Line” 

  David had been victorious in all his pursuits. He had conquered all his enemies. Jehovah was at the helm of the ship always going before him to make the crooked places straight.   David was obedient and listened to Jehovah. As he reminisced on the success of his battles and other pursuits, he sat in his house and was thinking things over, recalling how Jehovah had been so good to him. His mood seems pleasant. His recollections are positive with hope.   We know a vicious enemy of David’s was King Saul, who pursued him relentlessly with death threats

Prayer =Action! 

Wouldn’t it be great if the Lord answered each prayer quickly, immediately and according to our own timing? Although, the Lord answers prayer, it’s according to His own wisdom and timing.