6th Avenue Elementary School principal, Jaime Miranda, receives certificate of appreciation from Councilman Bernard Parks

Waka Waka Dance by YDP


Kindergarten classes perform Fume Fume dance

6th Avenue Elementary School closed out Black History Month with poetry, dance and celebration.

On Feb. 22, 6th Avenue Elementary School held its Black History Month program. Faculty, students and parents gathered on the playground for a day of fun and celebration all paying tribute to Black and African American culture. There were performances from just about every class from the 1st grade to 5th grade and everyone had a good time.

Principal of 6th Ave., Jaime Miranda, welcomed everyone and reminded the students about the importance of Black History Month. Councilman Bernard Parks was also in attendance to lend his support to a district he holds close to his heart.

“I think this is a good deal,” said Parks. “I think many of these young people are trying to figure out what they want to do when they get older.”

He continued, “They’re motivated, many times, by what they see on television—I think it’s good to let people know you can be successful right from your neighborhood. You can be successful at what you see with your teachers and those are the real folks as well as your parents—they’ll always be by your side.”

Parks presented Miranda with a certificate acknowledging the principal’s work at 6th Ave. and overall efforts.

“It gives me great pleasure to see our students learning about African American history,” said Miranda. “I love the way the students are able to perform, sing, talk, dance and actually play instruments. Most importantly I love that my students are able to see role models like Councilman Parks.

The program was opened by a the flag salute and the Black National Anthem presented by the 3rd and 4th grade classes. Students danced, sang, spoke and played instruments to a large crowd of peers, faculty and family. The kindergarten glass performed a “Fume-Fume,” a dance from Ghana while the 5th Grade class recited the Barbara Pierce poem, “Just Think About.”

It was an enjoyable afternoon as students enjoyed each other’s company and performances while they’re parents watched on in pride.

Photos by Brian W. Carter

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