For many years it seemed that the only way to find fresh and funny urban comedy was to sludge through profanity-laced standup routines. Luckily, the second season of Laff Mobb’s We Got Next provides viewers with funny, entertaining urban comedy, minus the foul language.

On Feb. 4, Bob Sumner, co-creator of Def Comedy Jam and pioneer of stand-up television, premiered the second season of his clean comedy show, Laff Mobb’s We Got Next. The show, which features standup from 16 up and coming black comedians from around the country, is a bit different than its predecessors, due in part to its emphasis on “clean” comedy. During his time at Def Comedy Jam Sumner found that despite the show’s success, there was quite a bit of criticism aimed at the foul language used by comedians.

“I want to prove to America that you don’t have to use profanity to be funny,” Sumner, the executive producer and creator of the show said. The show returns to Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE TV, a cable network that shines a light on comedians doing positive things and focuses its programming on the black experience. During its first season network representatives note that the show performed very well. “This is a show that the whole family can watch together,” Sumner said. “And there’s some great messages that these young guys are bringing across.” Sumner, who helped discovered Chris Tucker, has a knack for finding and cultivating young, comedic talent and Laff Mobb’s We Got Next is no different. “On my show you see young fresh talent that’s the future,” Sumner says.

The show also features intimate one-on-one interviews with the contestants, where Sumner discusses the importance of clean comedy in their lives. Sumner’s experience scouting talent during his tenure at Def Comedy Jam honed his skills, making him an experienced comedy recruiter. For months the executive producer scoured the Internet and cities both big and small in search of new, fresh talent. “It’s about finding that diamond in the rough,” he says.
That dedication is already paying off. Season one contestant and Cleveland native Mike Head was featured in the Lifetime move “With This Ring”.

“That basically came from being seen on Laff Mobb’s we got next,” Sumner said. Sumner’s main goal is to grow the Laff Mobb brand along with the show. Currently, the brand boasts several in-house writers, digital sketches, a comedy tour with plans to delve into independent films in the future.  We’re trying to develop talent while creating a lane for up and coming, clean comedians.

Laff Mobb’s “We Got Next” airs every Wednesday at 10pm, EST.