Caviar Gold CEO, Mike Brunson, is invited to Israel to do cannabis research on curing cancer.

Mike Brunson, Founder & CEO of Caviar Gold, has created a way of manufacturing the most potent cannabis and is working with researchers in Israel on a cannabis product that shows signs of curing cancer.

Ten years ago, Brunson got into the cannabis industry because he knew that it was the next big thing. He moved from Oklahoma to Colorado and opened two dispensaries with 35 pounds of marijuana. He ran into hurdles, however, as the cannabis only had one percent of THC potency and he wasn’t getting many customers through the door. Instead of giving up, Brunson started researching and came up with a way to extract and infuse his products to create the most potent weed in the country, Caviar Gold.

“I lost everything in Colorado, but when I figured out how to infuse, I was like, ‘I have something big here,’ and patented the process,” said Brunson. “I don’t grow, I manufacture marijuana. I stack cannabinoids so I can make it any type of cannabinoid profile that I want that nobody else in the world can do.”

Brunson’s process is what has researchers at Hebrew University in Israel interested. In the United States, there are only about eight cannabinoids, or cannabis chemical compounds, that Brunson can work with. In Israel, which is a leader in cannabis research, especially within cancer research healing options, there are over 100 cannabinoids. While there, scientists showed Brunson their product that killed a cancer cell that was injected into a mouse, just through blowing smoke from their product into the mouse chamber. They are hoping that Brunson’s infusion method can create a cannabis product that will cure cancer in humans.

“Caviar Gold is a premium, premium product that helps with serious pain relief. There have been 10 years of research put into it and everyday we’re improving the process,” said Brunson. “Meeting with the scientists I learned about the other cannabinoids and there is a lot more that we can do.”

Caviar Gold now has 10 different strains of flower, as well as cannabis infused oils, skin creams, coffee, pre-rolled joints, edibles and more. The brand also sponsors tons of events. Last month during BET Weekend, Brunson sponsored the Pre-BET Awards Mixer, DJ Khaled’s BET Awards after party, Jamie Foxx’s after party, and Kat Tat’s Enigma Beverly Hills one-year anniversary party. He also sponsored iHeart Radio’s Behind the Beats podcast that launched earlier this month. Each episode profiles and interviews Hip Hop, Afrobeatz, Reggae, and R&B artists. Brunson donates money and products to those in need as well.

The original product, Caviar Gold, is 40 percent stronger than other cannabis products on the market. Brunson also offers products of different levels starting at 21 percent THC potency and going up to 58 percent. Brunson makes hemp oils, lotions, and gel capsules as well that aid in pain relief sold under the brand name C-Gold Cavi that can be found on Amazon. The buds and pre-rolls are made here, in Los Angeles, and sold in over 50 dispensaries in California. They are also sold in over 100 dispensaries throughout the country. For more information, visit