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American Justice–As Practiced by the United States Postal Service
By Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist)
Published May 6, 2010

American Justice–As Practiced by the United States Postal Service

In a previous article in this series, Pandora’s Box, we pointed out the following:

When the United States had a thriving industrial economy one class complimented the other. Labor was well paid and given the security of knowing that they had a job for life, so they had the confidence to purchased goods that the corporations produced. That allowed the companies that sold the goods to prosper, to the benefit of the investor class.

But now, in a global market, in order to remain competitive with countries that pay their workers just above slave wages, corporations have to squeeze every penny and every concession out of the labor class that they can get. And since the heads of these corporations must make huge profits to justify their unconscionably oversized bonuses, they prey on their workers by undercutting their benefits and outsourcing the very jobs that the economy is dependent upon to sustain the corporation, and the nation. But since these corporate heads live from bonus to bonus and only think about themselves, they never stop to consider the negative impact of their irresponsible behavior on the economic viability of the nation.

The American people have always been comfortable in their belief that while the citizens of many other countries are routinely victimized by their government that ‘it can’t happen here.’ But what the comfortable middle class fail to understand is the comfort that they take so easily for granted is under dire threat. They’ve been so mesmerized by MTV and their hedonistic pursuits that they’re totally oblivious to the fact that under the new global economic structure the standard of living of the American middle class has become a liability to American business. While many may not feel the pinch yet, if they don’t wake up, their carefree way of life is going to become a thing of the past.

Due to the apathy of the American people, the very government institutions that are suppose to protect the poor and middle class from being victimized by business interests are beginning to turn a blind eye to employee abuse–in fact, in many cases, as shown below, they’re acting in direct collusion with those they’re supposed to be protecting us from. The narratives below will clearly demonstrate that the postal service’s Office of Inspector General is a perfect case in point.

The horrible tragedy that befell the twenty-nine coal miners in West Virginia might have been an accident, but it was an accident just waiting to happen. And it’s virtually certain that the same is true of the eleven oil workers who recently lost their lives in the Gulf of Mexico. Because the fact is, under the new American business model, the life and well being of American workers–in fact, the lives of the middle class–is now looked upon as expendable. Look at what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. The high and mighty pay a lot of lip service to loving America, but how many of the rich and privileged are actually dying for this country? I’ll answer that, a very precious few.

During the fifties journalist icon Ed Murrow warned us that “A citizenry of sheep begets a government of wolves.” Now, due to a sustained attack on our educational system and a steady diet of hedonistic distractions, that’s exactly what we’ve become, a citizenry of sheep–and ignorant sheep at that.

And as a direct result of our apathy, what you’re about to read below is what we’re getting in return–and not from some corporate bogeyman, but from our very own United States government. But here’s the irony. The few people who are trying to stand up against this insidious encroachment are being completely ignored by both their government, and their disinterested and hedonistic counterparts–“I’ll talk to you after the game.” And they might as well be spitting in the wind when they turn to the government. After all, you can’t ask the bogeyman to protect you from the devil–one is in league with the other.

The majority of Americans are totally oblivious to what’s going on around them. The only time that it really begins to soak in is when the chickens come home to roost at their doorstep. So for those of you who think that you’re comfortably ensconced in the middle class, and that your government institutions, laws, unions, and civil rights organizations will protect your interests, you’re living in an illusion. The narratives from the victims below clearly demonstrate that you no longer live in the kind of America that you think you do. The only protection that you have from becoming an economic refugees is to wake up and begin to support one another . . . before it’s too late.

With regard to the unions, they’re a mixed bag. On the one hand, there are many strong advocates among their number. We mentioned NAPS vice president, Debbie Washington, in last week’s article. While we strongly disagree with her position that her member, Marci Luna, is blameless in the falsification of Joann Snow’s clock rings, we couldn’t help but respect her strong stand on behalf of her member. That’s the kind of union representation that’s necessary for the system to work as it should.

But on the other hand, we’ve found far too many union officials who are star struck. They love rubbing shoulders with postmasters and corporate executives. As a result, it is far too easy for a postmaster to throw his arm around their shoulders and say something like, “You know, I like you. You’re one of us. That’s why you’ve risen so high in the union. You represent good people, but they just don’t have the intellect to see the big picture like we do. But we can work together, and I’m sure you have the intellectual capacity to help your people to see the light.”

Then just like a petted puppy, the union official will start waggin’ his tail, and say, “Yeah, I like you too. I think we can work together too,” then immediately start throwing his or her membership under the bus. If that wasn’t the case, managers would have long since been in the unemployment line, and even jail, for the kind of behavior being described below. But instead, they’re stealing from their employees, and abusing them with impunity, people who are paying very hard-earned money to unions every pay period.

With that, we’ll let the victims speak for themselves. The following is the text of a petition that went to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Appended to the petition was six double-columned pages of signatures:

Dear Madam:

We the employees of the Los Angeles International Service Center, (LAXISC) formerly the Carson International Service Center of the United States Postal Service humbly request your office to inquire about the horrendous behavior, sexual harassment and physical intimidation practices of named manager, Raul Corona. This manager has been exiled from the facility on more than one occasion for extended periods and was referred to anger management because of his actions and conduct. Recently, he allowed one of his acting supervisors to kick an employee, then slap them in the back of the head and make remarks about her body parts, stating that it was so tight that a quarter could bounce off of it. These actions were witness by other employees who either gave statements or were willing to testify to the office of the EEOC as to what was witnessed. Mr. Corona took no action against the 204B supervisor but instead displayed his true disregard for the employee by confronting her on the work floor about her complaint against the supervisor. This is just one of the many egregious actions of Mr. Raul Corona.

A complaint was made to the APWU, American Postal Workers Union and charges were also filed with the EEOC which is being handled by the APWU building facilitator Donna Williams who is representing this complainant and numerous others involving MDO Corona. While this incident is currently under investigation and review Mr. Corona has had at least one of the witnesses brought into his office and threaten them with disciplinary action if they did not personally give him a statement after they had already spoken with and given statements to the union representative, and when they requested that a union representative be present during his personal investigation, they were denied, which is a direct violation of the Weingarten Act. ( see attached )

This same witness who has FMLA and receives chemotherapy for her condition (lupus) was directed to his office by supervisor Erma Harris and when the employee would not cooperate with his request not only did he threaten her with disciplinary action, he directed his supervisor Brian Ta to go into the time and attendance system known as TACS to remove her pay three days later after she had called in for FMLA leave which had been already approved by this same supervisor. Because of the numerous grievances and EEO’S that are filed and still pending against this manager and conditions being so toxic, employees have bidded to other tours for fear of retaliation which we believe will take place to all of us who have signed this petition.

And if these circumstances aren’t demoralizing enough we have observed Mr. Corona engaged in an improper and unprofessional relationship with one of his acting supervisors (204B), which violates the Postal code of conduct and ethics prohibiting this type of relationship between a manager and employee which is still ongoing. He personally assist her with her job duties in front of other employees when she is not supervising and she has been observed leaving his office with her clothes disheveled which had to be pointed out to her by a union steward, and they have also been seen by other employees in compromising situations. The most recent, being seen exiting the Postal Inspectors cat walk door located at the southwest corner of the building, he zipping up his pants as she was buttoning her blouse.

We are asking that MDO Corona be sent to another facility LAP&DC permanently and to be taken off of the work floor entirely where he can be under the watchful eye of his bosses as was done before, because he has waged his own personal vendetta against any and all employees who file charges against him. Employees on all three tours at one time or another have had to disrupt their family and personal lives by bidding to other tours just to get away from this man. Attached you will find a copy of just one of the petitions that were filed against this manager starting in 2003 and a recent EEOC discrimination and personal harassment case that was charged and awarded against this facility for these type of practices.

If any additional information or facts are needed we are sure you can get the cooperation of the APWU union representatives both mailhandlers and clerks at the LAXISC.

We feel if something is not done about this manager soon, the conditions here will deteriorate further becoming more toxic and possibly escalate into something which the public and news media refer to as “Going Postal” which we are fearful of. We all have families to take care of and do not wish to come to work in an environment having to look over our shoulders fearful that something will happen that could have been avoided.

All signatures in regards to this petition can be verified through the APWU building facilitator Donna Williams. We would deeply appreciate your office’s assistance in this disturbing matter.



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Eric L. Wattree




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