A Noetic Choice

We are today what are choices were yesterday.

And if you believe your fate was dealt to you poorly, free from a legitimate chance to prosper in life, “That too was a choice”.

Excuses are tools of incompetence, as my forefathers would say.

I believe incompetence is the lazy mans’ way.

We are today what our choices were yesterday.

Yesterday I choose to write my autobiography.

Today I stand before you fulfilled.

Embarrassed that I have allowed the public to view my secrets,

shortcomings and foolish behaviors.

Yet empowered because I have nothing to hide.

My future is divine, but autonomy is no longer mine.

So my choice today will decline a negative state of mind,

the type of behavior that leads to crime.

So, acutely I evoke victory Ares-ly.

Because the power of thought “Noesis”, yesterday, today and tomorrow is free.

All you must do is “Think” and “IT” shall be!

We are today what our choices were yesterday.

What will you become tomorrow?