DJ Jiji Sweet will be on the one’s and two’s at Taste of Soul.

Radio dj and personality, DJ Jiji Sweet will be rockin’ the turntables at this year’s Taste of Soul. Sweet will have her own booth and stage showcasing up-and-coming independent artists at the festival. 

Born in Cleveland, OH., Jacinda “Jiji” Sweet grew up in Los Angeles; CA. She attended North Hollywood High School and was headed to college on a basketball scholarship. Sweet got started in the DJ business after being inspired by another fellow DJ.

“My friend DJ Khalil, a producer now under Dr. Dre… he was doing it in high school,” said Sweet. Although her interest was peaked, she was preparing for college but that didn’t stop her.

“When I got to college, I was trying to buy equipment and stuff,” said Sweet. “That’s how I got my start.

Sweet has 18 years under her belt, ‘DJ-ing’ since 1993. Sweet can scratch, cut and mix with the best of them. She gained her experience from good ‘ole observation and on-the-job training.

“Just picking it up from different people, watching different people, listening to mix tapes,” said Sweet. Sweet points out that many of the current dj schools weren’t around when she was coming up on the DJ scene.

“They didn’t really have schools when I started; It was pretty much learning on the job,” said Sweet.  She is pretty much one of the old skool female DJ’s and is proud of her accomplishments. “I think I’ve earned my stripes but it’s always something new to learn.”

She shared that one of the most rewarding parts about being a DJ was connecting with people at events. “Getting the beat in when people are having their birthdays or their weddings or the best times in their life… you get to witness that all the time,” said Sweet.

Sweet’s talents on the wheels of steel have landed her at some of the most well known radio stations.  She spent 7 years at 100.3 The Beat, V100 and spots on Radio Free KJLH.   She’s currently on Shade 45, which is a Sirius Satellite station.

Sweet has been a part of Taste of Soul since inception through V100. This year she’s looking forward to showcase independent artists on her stage. “This is the Jiji Sweet Taste of Soul Independent Hip-Hop Stage,” said Sweet. “It’s a stage and a booth and we will be showcasing independent artists.” Some of those artists include, Young Maestro, Sistem and Kopatechnique.  Radio personality, Nautica De La Cruz will serve as a host for Sweet’s stage.

“We will be performing from 12:00pm to 6:00pm,” said Sweet. “Independent artists back-to-back.”

Be sure to come and check out DJ Jiji Sweet, Nautica De La Cruz and a host of independent artists at Taste of Soul October 15.

Check out DJ Jiji Sweet at her website, on facebook at hitupjijisweet, on twitter at jijisweet and on myspace at jijisweetmusic.