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Keeping It Real: America Has a Black President
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 22 January 2009
For the first time in my life, America will have a President from my race and generation. Aside from race and age my hopes and expectations for his presidency are also intertwined with the hopes and ... read more >>
Dr. King and Sports in the 21st Century
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 15 January 2009
Most may not know this but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. does have a connection with sports. In his younger days, he played baseball, basketball and wrestling and apparently he enjoyed watching football ... read more >>
Change: Obama's Birthday Gift to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Senator Roderick D. Wright 15 January 2009
The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, an African American, to the highest office of the United States of America, is a most significant historic event for a country that was built upon exploiting ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Martin Luther King Jr.
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 15 January 2009
On January 15th, Dr. Martin Luther King's actual birth date, millions of people throughout the world will reflect upon how far we have come in 40 years, and how much further we must go to realize ... read more >>
How To Love A Black Woman!
Written by Malik Spellman 15 January 2009
Fellows, we have truly abandoned our most valuable asset and that is love itself. First thing we should do in order to love a Black Woman is to remember that she always has our back, even when things ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Fixing Our Schools is the Civil Rights Issue of our Time
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 08 January 2009
It was 54 years ago when the Supreme Court declared that separate schools for Black students and White students were "inherently unequal." "In these days," the Court wrote, "it ... read more >>
Get Mine In 2009
Written by Malik Spellman 01 January 2009
Happy New Year earth people. It is that time again when god has shown us that we have made it with his blessings. Well I have to be honest with you people, I got to get mine in 2009 because we got ... read more >>
All I Want for Christmas is a Black President
Written by Malik Spellman 25 December 2008
Dear Mr. Santa my name is Malik and all I want for Christmas is a Black president so that my children can see that anything is possible through faith. What my mama would say and recommend as a recipe ... read more >>
The Days of Darkness: Pelican Bay
Written by Malik Spellman 18 December 2008
Well as I travel through the thoughts of my mind I ask the man upstairs if there was anything in particular that he wanted me to say to the people concerning the conditions we are faced with being ... read more >>
The Big Three and the Fourth Wheel!
Written by Larry Buford 11 December 2008
I once proudly worked for Chrysler Corporation as did many of my family and friends back in Detroit. I remember all the pitfalls--the UAW demands; safety issues; predominant everyday grievances, etc. ... read more >>
Ending AIDS in Black America: 'Yes We Can'
Written by C. Virginia Fields 27 November 2008
Barack Obama's victory was a defining moment in our nation's history, one in which we all can rejoice, particularly African Americans. But the election was just the beginning. Now, it's ... read more >>
Bush Loses Property! Black Family Takes Over!
Written by Malik Spellman 20 November 2008
Well we have finally painted the White House Black and the presidential plane Air Force one is officially Soul Plane.... And it is a family affair for us to attend as clean and sober people representing ... read more >>
The Immorality of Proposition 8
Written by Eric Lee 20 November 2008
The passage of Proposition 8 denies one group of people the same rights that another group of people has, and it is therefore discriminatory. Proposition 8 amends the California Constitution to take ... read more >>
Amazing Grace: How Sweet it Sounds
Written by Willis Edwards 13 November 2008
How sweet it sounds to now refer to Senator Barack Obama as President-elect Obama! This election means so much! It means that economics trumped race. He was judged on the quality of his intellect, ... read more >>
Mr. Paulson, Tear Down That Wall!
Written by Blair H. Taylor 06 November 2008
With the enormous bailouts that the federal government provided over the past several months to myriad sectors of our economy, here's a new twist: How about some relief for the nation's not ... read more >>
The Cream Always Rises to the Top
Written by Malik Spellman 06 November 2008
Well brothers and sisters I think our prayers have been answered in the form of my vote making a difference for the sake of my great-great-grandmother who couldn't vote and my brothers around the ... read more >>
Here Comes the Judge!
Written by Malik Spellman 30 October 2008
Well readers, as you all may know this about me, this is the first time that I have ever voted for change in my life! Not only is this my first encounter with this big task called voting, but the whole ... read more >>
Ready, Set, Vote
Written by Dean C. Logan 30 October 2008
Activity associated with this election has surpassed that of any election in recent history with voter registration reaching an all time high including many first-time and younger voters. This is a ... read more >>
California State Leadership of NAACP is Disconnected from Community
Written by Hardy Brown 30 October 2008
According to the last financial reporting statements of two of the state proposition campaigns, Alice Huffman, president of California  NAACP, has done quite well for herself as both a political ... read more >>
Unions Are Trying to Buy an L.A. County Supervisor's Job for Ridley-Thomas
Written by Joe Bowers 30 October 2008
Its About Time the Media Started Reporting Tht the Unions Are Trying to Buy an L.A.County Supervisor's Job for Ridel-Thomas If you live in the second district of Los Angeles County, an area that spans ... read more >>
When the "Labor Candidate" Isn't Really the Best Candidate for Union Members, Members of Labor Should Check the Union Label Before Voting for Mark Ridley-Thomas, a.k.a. Wal-"Mark"
Written by Joe Bowers 23 October 2008
In the race for the Second District Seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the theme of business versus labor-- or more specifically-- L.A. City Councilmember Bernard C. Parks versus ... read more >>
Do the Deal
Written by Dr. M Tryone Cushman 09 October 2008
The following is a letter from Dr. M. Tyrone Cushman to Joe Hopkins, President of West Coast Black Publishers Association With uncharacteristic non-partisan resolve, we can solve this problem. ... read more >>
The Tourism Truth About Off-Shore Drilling
Written by Linda Love 18 September 2008
  Americans are still hurting because of the high cost of gas. In California, we're still paying almost a dollar more per gallon than we were one year ago today. In response, people are driving ... read more >>
We Vote For Change
Written by Abraham J. Jankans 18 September 2008
This year's election on November 4th will be one of the most important in American history. As all of us are aware, it is important not only because of the difficult times facing our nation and ... read more >>
A View from the South
Written by Professor B. Flanagan 18 September 2008
Since Senator Barack Obama became a serious candidate for the American Presidency, I have traveled to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Trinidad, and Brazil, staying ... read more >>

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