Diversity Police Expert
Written by Brenda Wall, Ph.D 30 July 2009
Diversity Police Expert plus African American Scholar Equals Psychopathology of RacismBy Brenda Wall, Ph.DHow could it be that a highly regarded Cambridge police sergeant, who effectively trains colleagues ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Shem Walker
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 23 July 2009
It was a quiet Saturday evening in Brooklyn when Shem Walker visited his mother's home in Clinton Hill. The 49-year-old father of two routinely checked on her, enjoyed the company of his tight-knit family ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Health Care
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 16 July 2009
The United States of America is undeniably and unequivocally the most dominant and industrialized nation in the world. It's no wonder that countless people still flock to our borders with the hopes of ... read more >>
The Selling of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Written by Assemblyman Mike Davis 02 July 2009
Our state is currently facing enormous economic challenges, so the pressure to avoid cuts and explore new ideas to generate revenue is at the top of the legislature's priority list. Some ideas are certainly ... read more >>
Michael’s Shortcomings in No Way Equaled His Strengths
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 02 July 2009
In Recent Years, Sharpton and Jackson marched to Sony and fought for Jackson’s rights to his music catalogue.Teen Michael Jackson and Al Sharpton both loved and admired James Brown, the Godfather ... read more >>
This Country Was Built on the Backs of Slaves
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 25 June 2009
We often hear the phrase, 'this country was built on the backs of slaves'. Men and women who were stripped of all rights and liberties, and forcibly made to execute the hardest labor around, are undeniably ... read more >>
Free Da Poor
Written by Malik Spellman 25 June 2009
So they say that we are running out of cash here in California. Well, I have a simple solution to such a complex problem. And that is to free the poor people that are in prison serving time for crimes ... read more >>
Wrong Cuts at the Wrong Time in Our Communities
Written by Assemblyman Warren Furutani 25 June 2009
California earns money in three ways: income tax, sales tax and property tax. All three of those things have been heavily hit during this economic crisis. California has the highest unemployment rate in ... read more >>
The Need for a Budget that Accurately Reflects Our Priorities and Values
Written by Assemblyman Mike Davis 25 June 2009
California’s budget crisis is going to require us to make some tough, but necessary choices. In doing so, we must look carefully at education, health and corrections funding. These areas will directly ... read more >>
Budget Crisis Can't Mean End to Safety Net, Schools
Written by Assembly Speaker Karen Bass 25 June 2009
The national recession has put California into fiscal jeopardy. As we work to get the state back on track, my Democratic colleagues and I are committed to protecting the state's safety net and preventing ... read more >>
Crenshaw High Seniors Must March
Written by Patricia Clarke (President & CFO, Brotherhood Business Development) 18 June 2009
The front page of last week's Sentinel showed nine students from Crenshaw High who are awaiting the results of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) that they took in May of this year. The article ... read more >>
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 11 June 2009
During the early hours of May 2, a South Side Chicago family discovered the beaten, abused and burned body of their 15-year-old son who ultimately died from a gunshot wound to the head. A child with no ... read more >>
Keeping it Real: The American Dream
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 04 June 2009
The American dream.  Throughout the decades, people have parted ways with family and friends to reach the shores of the United States with the hopes and aspirations of attaining better jobs, improved ... read more >>
Pioneering Black Radio Station Owner Passes
Written by Richard A. \"Rick\" Roberts 04 June 2009
Part TwoIt was there at Willis Broadcasting that I learned the rudimentary skills of radio sales and marketing. Beginning with the lost art of developing leads through cold calling (approaching businesses ... read more >>
Why it is Ciritcal that the African American Community Unite Behind Sonia Sotomayor
Written by Kamala D. Harris (San Francisco District Attorney) 04 June 2009
As I watched the announcement of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's appointment to the United States Supreme Court, I, like many Americans, was struck by the historic picture on my television screen. The nation's ... read more >>
Keeping It Real (5-28-09 Edition)
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 28 May 2009
Fifty-five years ago, the nation's schools were integrated in an unprecedented move to bridge the racial and social divide permeating throughout the country. A landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education ... read more >>
Keeping It Real (5-21-09 Edition)
Written by Reverend Al Sharpton 21 May 2009
Last week I met with President Barack Obama and I felt it very noteworthy that the President of the United States would agree to meet on an issue of such great importance as the race and economic gap in ... read more >>
Foundations Grants
Written by COMMENTARY 21 May 2009
This we hope is the last in the four (4) part commentaries about Foundations.In our previous three comments we gave you the background of the ten (10) Foundations, which made up the so-called coalition. ... read more >>
Keeping it Real (5-14-09 Edition)
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 14 May 2009
President Barack Obama has led the nation with strength and dignity and has shown the world that we can embrace our international brothers and sisters by allowing room for dialogue that was not present ... read more >>
The Gift
Written by Malik Spellman 30 April 2009
Peace to my folks behind the wall who support my every move through prayer and sacrifice. I love you all unconditionally especially my brothers who are lifers and the ones that are on Death Row. Watts ... read more >>
Foundation Grants III
Written by Super User 30 April 2009
 In the last two weeks we have brought you information about the Foundation Coalition grants, or to put it in blunt language, the lack of foundation grants. We are not alone in our concern about foundations.Recently ... read more >>
7 Years Later, Little Change in South LA
Written by Marqueece Harris-Dawson 30 April 2009
April 29th marked the 17th Anniversary of the 1992 civil unrest. While this anniversary went unnoticed by the majority of the City, it is not easy to forget for those of us who lived in the line of fire.What ... read more >>
Year Up and Microsoft, a Most Elegant Partnership
Written by Super User 23 April 2009
Working together to create opportunities and strengthen communitiesAn elegant equation is the simplest path to a solution. Microsoft plus Year Up equals unlimited opportunities. Microsoft and Year Up have ... read more >>
Message to the Oppressed
Written by Malik Spellman 23 April 2009
Did they have prison on the plantation? Well the answer is no because there was a level of respect for the slave who the slave master knew could not possibly be responsible for the crimes he or she committed ... read more >>
The Black Community Must Answer Obama's Call to Service
Written by Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer 23 April 2009
In one of his last acts as California Democratic Party Chairman, State Senator (ret.) Art Torres reminds everyone that community service is a central pillar in President Barack Obama's administration. ... read more >>