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Keeping it Real: Violence Must End
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 08 October 2009
Keeping it Real: Violence Must EndRev. Al SharptonEvery time a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan is killed, it makes headlines. Whenever a police officer or firefighter dies, we hear about it. If there's ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Obama, Carter and Race
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 24 September 2009
Obama, Carter and RaceIt's hard to imagine that less than a century ago, police sergeants and sheriffs were overseeing the burning of crosses and ensuring the safety of Ku Klux Klansmen in places like ... read more >>
23 years later!
Written by Malik Spellamn 24 September 2009
23 years later!I was released from slavery twenty-three years ago as of September 4, 2009. Never in my elementary school years did I say to myself that I wanted to go to prison and be a slave. In 1986 ... read more >>
Improving Children's Health is In All Our Hands
Written by Isadore Hall, III 17 September 2009
Improving Children's Health is In All Our HandsGrowing up in Compton, California has had a big impact on my life. My neighbors were raised around gang violence, drug abuse and limited access to food that ... read more >>
Reclaiming Our Universities
Written by The Alliance for Equal Opportunity in Education 17 September 2009
Reclaiming Our Universities The NumbersWe are living in a city with one of the largest and most prestigious public universities (UCLA) without an equitable presence of Black people. Our tax dollars ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Obama’s Health Care Speech
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 17 September 2009
Keeping It Real: Obama’s Health Care SpeechFor the past several weeks, all we have been inundated with is negativity; a decline in President Obama's approval ratings, scare tactics, weakening support ... read more >>
Response to Anthony Samad: Accountability is More Than Self-Serving Talk
Written by Advocates for Black Strategic Alternatives 17 September 2009
Response to Anthony Samad: Accountability is More Than Self-Serving Talk  The Reagan trickle-down model of educational, economic and political and other opportunities has long been an erratic drip. ... read more >>
Back to School. Back to What?
Written by Bll A. Lloyd 10 September 2009
New tennis shoes. Good ones. I got them every year just before Labor Day. They were a key part of our family's back-to-school ritual. I still associate September with new shoes. Households all over Los ... read more >>
Holder and the Civil Rights Division
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 10 September 2009
Holder and the Civil Rights DivisionRev. Al SharptonIt was 1957 and the nation was in the midst of the largest sweeping cultural change since the abolishment of slavery. Integration was taking root in ... read more >>
Tickets = Poor Folks & the Police
Written by Malik Spellman 10 September 2009
Tickets = Poor Folks & the Police I once heard a very wise man that we all know who told us that he controls your movement and controls your thinking! Well at the time he said this to us I was fully ... read more >>
We Must All Work Together
Written by Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte 10 September 2009
We Must All Work TogetherBy Marguerite Poindexter LaMotteNearly 20 years ago, my predecessors on the Board of Education, with laser like focus, decided to prove to the public that children and families ... read more >>
President Obama Needs to Continue to be a “Ray of Sunshine Symbol of Hope’
Written by Charisse Carney-Nunes 10 September 2009
President Obama Needs to Continue to be a 'Ray of Sunshine, Symbol of Hope' for Children Across the CountryBy Charisse Carney-NunesThere is a lot of noise in the media today about whether it is appropriate ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: My Thoughts On Race
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 03 September 2009
There exists a word in the American English language that on its own incites such a reaction that it may as well be taboo. It isn't a curse word nor a derogatory term, but rather a simple four-letter concept ... read more >>
SCLC's Rev. Lee and Mayor Villaraigosa Strike Agreement
Written by Reverend Eric Lee 03 September 2009
SCLC's Rev. Lee and Mayor Villaraigosa Strike AgreementFrom the beginning, the LAUSD Resolution co-authored by Board President Monica Garcia and Board Members Yolie-Flores-Aguilar and Dr. Richard Vladovic, ... read more >>
One Wallet= Not Guilty=46 2 Life
Written by Malik Spellman 27 August 2009
One wallet= not guilty=46 2 life.Can you believe that a local merchant with a history of mental illness and petty crimes is facing a sentence so ridiculous? Even if you are found not guilty in the case ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: What Would MLK Say About The Health Care Crisis?
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 27 August 2009
What Would MLK Say About The Health Care Crisis?In April of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. intellectually and emphatically asserted that 'freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must ... read more >>
Gang Bangin Has Grown Up
Written by Malik Spellman 13 August 2009
I has been over twenty plus years since colors and thirty years since the warriors came out. Today we still have brothers bangin and standing like they are so hard on the yard. I saw a brother walking ... read more >>
The Tragedies Surrounding the Zebra Case
Written by Na\'im Shah 13 August 2009
It has been nearly 27 years since San Francisco was paralyzed by a series of homicides that later would be known as the Zebra Murders. First and foremost, my sympathies go out to the victims and their ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: The Prison System
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 13 August 2009
As the battle lines for health care reform are being drawn--and redrawn--a silent segment of the population is strategically left out of the conversation. A group of individuals who have been deemed enemies ... read more >>
African Americans: Education and Visions
Written by Herbert L. Carter 13 August 2009
African Americans: Education and VisionsAs I was thinking about writing this article, the thoughts of two visionary African American leaders came to mind. Malcolm X wrote "Education is our passport to ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Attacks on Obama
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 06 August 2009
It's been just over six months since the first African American President assumed the reigns of leader of the free world, and thus became arguably the most powerful man on earth. Following slavery, centuries ... read more >>
Governor’s Illegal Cuts Disproportionately Impact African American Communities
Written by Assembly Speaker Karen Bass 06 August 2009
The community needs to be aware of some recent actions by Governor Schwarzenegger that are both illegal and that disproportionately impact African American communities in California.In July, the legislature ... read more >>
Stinson Brown Jr. Remembered in Emotional Ceremony
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 30 July 2009
As his brown open casket lay at the brink of the stage at the City of Refuge Church in Gardena on July 24, the lingering pain of the tragic death of Stinson Brown Jr. was felt by several hundred who attended ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Professor Henry Louis Gates
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton (Columnist) 30 July 2009
We often teach our children that if you study, go to school, work hard and remain focused, you will be able to transcend the many racial and social boundaries that permeate in society. That if you stay ... read more >>
Imprisoned By Our Own Apathy
Written by Rev. Eric Lee 30 July 2009
The issue of same sex marriage has sparked a heated controversy within the African American community, and particularly among African American clergy, where a tremendous amount of passion, energy and commitment ... read more >>

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