Your Take: Threat to Blacks in the Public Sector
Written by Lee Saunders 03 June 2011
 Lee Saunders Radical conservative politicians want to slash city, county and state jobs -- and undercut the economic security of African-American families, says this union official.When I was growing ... read more >>
We Look Like Idiots Sometimes....
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 26 May 2011
Wellington's RoadGonna make this simple and's time to dress like we got some sense! Fellas, stop with the pants around your knees, showing all your bidness to e'rybody. I don't want to see yo ... read more >>
The putting gratification
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 26 May 2011
These days we want everything in an instant. We live in an instant world, instant coffee, instant potatoes, instant mail, money, drive throughs and instant lottery to instant Millionaires. The internal ... read more >>
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 26 May 2011
"What you do in the dark will always come out in the light." Remember when your grandma used to tell you that? And you hoped like the dickens that she didn't know what she was talking about. But well, ... read more >>
Who's Your Friend?
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 20 May 2011
 Wellington's RoadWhat are your criteria for a friend? What's your definition of a friend? What does friendship mean to you. I've had a few people give their definitions of what a friend is and I've agreed ... read more >>
"Telling Our Business: Our Journey to Emotional Wellness"
Written by Yolanda Whittington 19 May 2011
As I ease into the spring season, I can't help but take in the beauty and splendor of flowers in bloom while gazing into the souls and spirits of my sisters and brothers. As we look onto each other's eyes ... read more >>
Dream the dream
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 19 May 2011
 Our capacity to do, depends on our capacity to dream. If we are afraid to let our thoughts go beyond the limits of reality and good sense, then we probably have been brainwashed into thinking that achieving ... read more >>
America's Got "Flava" Which Tastes Like Pure Power
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 19 May 2011
Cheryl Pearson-McNeil The world has changed considerably since the "Leave It to Beaver" days, when the Cleaver family represented the model of the American family. My employer, the Nielsen Company, measures ... read more >>
Deadly Tornado Rips My Alabama Hometown
Written by George E. Curry, NNPA Columnist 19 May 2011
I was leaving a members-only meeting at From the Heart Church Ministries in Suitland, Maryland last Wednesday night when I noticed that my mother, Mrs. Martha Brownlee, had called me from Augusta, Georgia ... read more >>
Who wants to be the next celebrity pornstar?!
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 19 May 2011
Wellington's RoadEven though I wasn't around at the time, I have to respect "Old Hollywood." The Joan Crawfords', John Waynes', Elizabeth Taylors' and Sidney Poitiers'...they had class. If there was anything ... read more >>
Understanding Anger
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 05 May 2011
Anger is a form of temporary insanity. Toxic emotions puts our physical health at as much risk as chain smoking. Anger has its genesis in our many routine interactions with people. The accumulated layers ... read more >>
Brazile Urges Blacks to Support Obama, Protect Gains
Written by Cash Michaels 05 May 2011
The interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) says the nation, and specifically the African-American community, has to stick with President Barack Obama and the Democrats during these ... read more >>
Public Ambivalent about Osama Death
Written by Eric Mayes 05 May 2011
Philadelphians' reactions to the killing of bin Laden range from satisfied to suspiciousOfficials with the local chapter of the Council on American Muslim Relations greeted the news of Osama bin Laden's ... read more >>
Medicare Plans Must Re-Classify Gout Medication
Written by Loretta Jones 28 April 2011
Whenever a group of seniors gathers together, the conversation inevitably turns to health issues as they begin comparing medical conditions and giving reports on their various maladies. This is often jokingly ... read more >>
Love is a Verb
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 28 April 2011
I don't claim to have all the ingredients of loves emotional cocktail, because there is no doubt the cocktails differs from person to person. But some mix of oxytocm and endorphins are clearly pivotal ... read more >>
In The Unknown Zone (Learning To Trust God)
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 28 April 2011
Wellington's RoadYou ever reach a point in your life where you're just, 'What the hell do I want out of my life?' Yeah, well, I hit that point recently and it wasn't enjoyable at all. I found myself in ... read more >>
Marriage is so 20th Century!
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 28 April 2011
Cheryl Pearson-McNeilI know I'm a lucky girl because I love my job (not everyone does you know). It gives me the privilege of keeping my finger on the pulse of consumer trends and purchasing behavior as ... read more >>
Changing the way we view Change
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 21 April 2011
The only thing in the world that never changes is change. Change is the only constant. Many people find it hard to subscribe to the Philosophy of the need for moment-to-moment course correction in life. ... read more >>
Making Child Abuse Prevention a Priority
Written by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III 14 April 2011
While random acts of violent crime are a major problem in this country, there are millions of young people in America who face an even more devastating reality. They are not victimized on the street or ... read more >>
Karen Bass Co-Sponsors the Paycheck Fairness Act
Written by Assemblywoman Karen Bass 14 April 2011
Introduced Tuesday on National Equal Pay DayWashington, DC--U.S. Rep. Karen Bass released the video statement below after signing on as an original co-sponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act that was introduced ... read more >>
Pardon of Innocence for the Wilmington Ten
Written by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., NNPA Columnist 01 April 2011
Forty years ago in Wilmington, N.C., there was a serious struggle of Black Americans to end racial discrimination and violence over the manner in which public schools were desegregated. The NAACP, national ... read more >>
Turning negativity into positivity
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 01 April 2011
What I mean by negativity is not only the negative situations we often find ourselves in. But, negative thinking as well. Most people see life as a series of problems than opportunities. Negativity is ... read more >>
Viva La (Shopping) Différence!
Written by Cheryl Pearson-McNeil 01 April 2011
Who wears the (shopping) pants in your house? Ok, I know that was a really old school kind of question, but it got your attention, right? Unless you've lived under a rock, we all know that the definition ... read more >>
Go On Back to School!
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 25 March 2011
 Wellington's RoadIn life, there are things that are too late to do's too late to take back an embarrassing's too late to do high school over's too late to take back some ... read more >>
Perpetually Persistent
Written by Jeorald Pitts/Lil Tone 25 March 2011
There is thin line between being a pest and being Persistence. And learning how to walk this line is imperative to obtaining success in any area of life weather it be relationships, financial, emotional, ... read more >>