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Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 21 May 2009
Hello world, I guess the title explains my plight, please follow my lead. Today I plan to wear a smile on my face. Not just wear as in an article of clothing, yet a true smile because there is a positive ... read more >>
African Liberation and Renaissance
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 21 May 2009
As we gather to celebrate African Liberation Day, let us be ever and intensely mindful that we meet in the midst of an unfinished fight, an ongoing struggle with social and ethical imperatives concerning ... read more >>
Isn't It Ironic?
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 21 May 2009
I really liked the song by Alanis Morisette that talked about a few scenarios that were a part of real life, but were ironic.How many of us have been in situations that occurred only after we no longer ... read more >>
Exports are the Key to Revving Economy
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 21 May 2009
General Motors is shutting 1,100 dealerships by 2010. Chrysler is shutting 800 by June. The economy continues to hemorrhage manufacturing jobs. We've lost more than 5 million jobs since the Great Recession ... read more >>
Foundations Grants
Written by COMMENTARY 21 May 2009
This we hope is the last in the four (4) part commentaries about Foundations.In our previous three comments we gave you the background of the ten (10) Foundations, which made up the so-called coalition. ... read more >>
Avoiding the Fate of Inmate Hate
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 21 May 2009
(Part 3 of 3)            There are steps you can take to avoid being on the receiving end of inmate hate. No, I don’t stand to gain personally by your doing so. ... read more >>
Dear Los Angeles Black Mega Church Pastor
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 21 May 2009
I didn't say anything when I drove down Crenshaw Boulevard two Sunday's ago and that truck with that big sign in support of the upcoming measures on the May 19 California Special Election was conveniently ... read more >>
Beyond 100 Days
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 21 May 2009
Not only does President Barack Obama enjoy Blacks' overwhelming adulation and support, many consider him a savior, beyond criticism. But there are indications that Blacks are not, and may never be, among ... read more >>
Are Progressives Becoming Just as Intolerant as Conservatives?
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 14 May 2009
I've always been proud to consider myself a progressive, because being a progressive meant that I was open-minded, willing to assess every issue on its own merit, and I'm tolerant of varying points of ... read more >>
Mothers Day
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 14 May 2009
I have never knownor have ever had a clue of what it would be like to loveand receive love from you.I have two pictures that describe youFrom them I imagine what your mannerisms are when agitated or happyMy ... read more >>
Keeping it Real (5-14-09 Edition)
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 14 May 2009
President Barack Obama has led the nation with strength and dignity and has shown the world that we can embrace our international brothers and sisters by allowing room for dialogue that was not present ... read more >>
Remembering Malcolm
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 14 May 2009
Min. Malcolm X's unchanging challenge to us as a people and persons to "wake up, clean up and stand up" is a constant and clarion call: to come into and cultivate an ever-expanding consciousness of ourselves ... read more >>
Loving In Fear
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 14 May 2009
Some of us spend a lifetime searching for the very thing that we ward off with our own behavior. For some, it is our desire to have what we can not hold, because we want more than we are willing to be.For ... read more >>
Subsidies to Send Jobs Overseas? No!
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 14 May 2009
An estimated 7.2 million U.S. jobs are dependent on auto manufacturing. These aren't simply jobs in Detroit. Shut down auto production and you don't just lose autoworkers. As Leo W. Gerard, United Steelworkers ... read more >>
Societal Sin: Prisoner Revenge
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 14 May 2009
(Part 2 of 3)The title of this piece provokes several questions: What sin—a word with obvious theological implications—has society committed? Why would prisoners seek revenge for societal ... read more >>
When the Budget's in Doubt, Threaten to Let Em' All Out
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 14 May 2009
The whole world knows that California is as broke as its residents are. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to local and State politics how low some politicians will go to get their way. Case ... read more >>
Bad Teachers Cripple Students But Are Rarely Fired
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 14 May 2009
Teacher incompetence and misconduct are far more pervasive than most people realize. The LA Times recently ran stories on the arduous process of firing incompetent teachers in California. (Black students, ... read more >>
Bishop Joe Simon Sings the Blues Over Rappers and Ministry
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 07 May 2009
I call this column "Beneath the Spin" because it's dedicated to an honest search for truth, an attempt to stimulate thought, and an earnest effort to clear up the trough of pure BS served up to us on a ... read more >>
Necessity versus Desire
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 07 May 2009
Hello world, I have a question for you all this week. Please be honest with your self when answering this question as your truth is where the answer dwells. Understand the emphasis on "Your Truth", as ... read more >>
Remembering the Miracle of Our Mother
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 07 May 2009
This is a special Mother's Day homage to our mother, who with our father, brought us into being, who bathed and baptized us, even in the womb, in the sacred waters of her love, who nurtured us, who knew ... read more >>
New Top Ten Random Thoughts
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 07 May 2009
There's a lot going on in the news today. Typically, the average person reads or listens to the news and just accepts whatever they hear. But since I am opinionated, I always form my own thoughts instead ... read more >>
Homeowners Learn Resistance Can Work
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 07 May 2009
'The banks . . . are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place." So Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) expressed his disgust as the Senate gutted his effort ... read more >>
I Got It From Yo' Mama
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 07 May 2009
A couple of week's ago I was honored to received the 2009 PLUS Award from Forgiving for Living, Inc. The organization focuses on resolving issues of hate, anger, bitterness and the inability to forgive ... read more >>
A Somali-American Responds to Somalia’s Plight
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 07 May 2009
 Kayse Jama attended the initial meeting to form a "Black Immigration Network" two weeks ago in Baltimore, Maryland. (Urban Perspective 4/30/09) Kayse is a forceful, articulate advocate for human rights ... read more >>
Prison Notoriety: Terror of Society
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 07 May 2009
(Part 1 of 3)Your first thought may be that you’ve done nothing to cause any ex-con to hate you. Well, ironically, that’s exactly why they hate you: you’ve done nothing. You may be ... read more >>

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