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Penn State: How Many of the Victims Were Black?
Written by Danny J. Bakewell, Jr. (Contributing Editor) 16 November 2011
No one is commenting on the fact that many of the alleged victims were Black youth while everyone involved in the cover up are White MenThe molestation of a child (any child) is a sick and heinous crime.  ... read more >>
Jackson doctor convicted in star's 2009 drug death
Written by Associated Press 09 November 2011
Conrad Murray He killed the King--that was the unanimous decision of the jury of seven men and five women When the jury went home after the first day of deliberations, it was for a weekend, and the it ... read more >>
Lawyer: Cain's accuser wants to be allowed to talk
Written by Associated Press 03 November 2011
Herman Cain, the Republican "frontrunner"Candidate Herman Cain is learning fast that being the frontrunner comes with lots of scrutiny, questions and probes into one's personal life.WASHINGTON (AP) - The ... read more >>
Rev. Jackson headlines leadership forum and awards dinner
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 03 November 2011
Rev. Jesse Jackson The Rainbow PUSH Citizenship Education Fund This year marks the 13th Annual Rainbow PUSH Citizenship Education Fund awards dinner In addition to a Leadership Luncheon ... read more >>
NBA Lockout
Written by Tamara Latta Sentinel Contributing Writer 27 October 2011
Will there be a (basketball) season? Last week, the owners and players met for over thirty hours but were unable to come up with a solution that would end the NBA lockout. After labor talks broke down ... read more >>
The loss of two civil rights pioneers
Written by Marc H. Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League 14 October 2011
Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth Professor Derrick BellShuttlesworth, Bell and Jobs Changed the Course of History "Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain." William ... read more >>
Harry E. Johnson: from CBC to MLK
Written by Rebecca S. Rivas,St. Louis American Special to the NNPA from The St. Louis American 14 October 2011
Harry E. Johnson He was the driving force behind the King monument on the National Mall On October 16, many will gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin ... read more >>
The President versus the Senate
Written by Sentinel News Service 14 October 2011
Senate Republicans voted to kill President Obama's jobs bill thereby denying millions of Americans the chance of meaningful employment. At a rally in Pennsylvania, President Obama said, "Now, this is a ... read more >>
African-Americans Wield Considerable Consumer Power
Written by Sentinel News Service 29 September 2011
Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. (NNPA chairman emeritus); Emanuel Cleaver (CBC chairman); Cloves Campbell (NNPA incoming chairman)Cheryl Pearson-McNeil (the senior vice president of Public Affairs and Government ... read more >>
One is saved, temporarily; the other, executed
Written by Associated Press 22 September 2011
Troy Davis – Denied!    Duane Buck – Saved? US Supreme Court halts Texas execution; Georgia Parole Board, okays another. Huntsville, Texas — The U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution Thursday ... read more >>
Psychology of Black Unemployment
Written by Cynthia E. Griffin, Special to the NNPA from Our Weekly 22 September 2011
Impact felt deep in the African American psyche As she watched President Barack Obama lay out his jobs plan for the nation and repeatedly challenge Congress to address the issue immediately, Madelyn Broadus ... read more >>
Obama’s tax plan
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 22 September 2011
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama set up another clash with Republicans on Monday by proposing $1.5 trillion in new taxes aimed primarily at the wealthy as part of a $3 trillion package to shrink ... read more >>
MAYWEATHER AFTERMATH: Victor Ortiz Got What He Deserved!
Written by Kennith Miller (Sentinel Correspondent) 22 September 2011
Floyd Mayweather hits Victor Ortiz, right, during their WBC Welterweight bout in Las Vegas Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher) Floyd 'Money' Mayweather will be ... read more >>
Norm Bond Elected as Chairman, National Alliance of Market Developers
Written by Sentinel News Service 16 September 2011
PHILADELPHIA, PA –  The National Alliance of Market Developers, Inc. (NAMD) today announced that Norm Bond has been elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the organization.  Bond, an entrepreneur ... read more >>
African-American Poverty Rates Highest In Four Years
Written by Sentinel News Service 15 September 2011
For a fourth year in a row, the African-American poverty rate more than doubled that of non-Hispanic white Americans, according to 2010 data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. At 27.4 percent, the ... read more >>
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! and the Economy
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 15 September 2011
President Obama speaking at a university in Richmond As an aggressive follow-up to his address to Congress on his jobs creation bill last week, President Obama is on the road, taking that message directly ... read more >>
Powell and Rice rebuffs Cheney
Written by AP Story 07 September 2011
General Colin PowellDr. Condoleezza Rice The first two Black Secretaries of State dismiss the former vice president's version of events in his book as "cheap shots" and misleading General Colin Powell, ... read more >>
9/11- Ten years later
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 07 September 2011
A tribute in lights signify where the towers were ... One of the daunting questions that is being asked by many Americans, 10 years later is: "Are we safer and/or more secure now?" As the anniversary of ... read more >>
White House Rejects Bid for Marcus Garvey Posthumous Pardon
Written by Tony Best Special to the NNPA from the New York Carib News 07 September 2011
The Honorable Marcus Garvey A bid to secure a posthumous presidential pardon for Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jamaica's first national hero, has been rejected out of hand by the Barack Obama White House in Washington. ... read more >>
Alpha Phi Alpha honors Martin Luther King, Jr.
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 06 September 2011
Members of Alpha Phi Alpha, along with the King family and other guests pose in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. --Photo by Jason LewisMembers of Alpha Phi Alpha, who spear headed and were ... read more >>
Karen Bass Launches Grassroots Fundraising Campaign in Reelection to Congress
Written by Sentinel News Service 05 September 2011
Bass Running in California's Newly Created 37thCongressional District That Includes Los Angeles, Culver CityKaren Bass launched her grassroots fundraising campaign today for her reelection to Congress ... read more >>
Hurricane Irene
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 01 September 2011
Hurricane Irene's devastationThough the scope of the damage was devastating, lessons learned from the past were able to mitigate major loss of human life.  This time the administration was prepared.Despite ... read more >>
Remembering Katrina: Six Years Later
Written by Jesse Muhammad, the Final Call 01 September 2011
The landfall wrath of Hurricane Katrina coupled with the breaching of the levees on August 29, 2005 caused hundreds of thousands to be displaced throughout the country and claimed the lives of over 1,400 ... read more >>
Earthquake Rocks Washington, D.C. Area
Written by Associated Press 26 August 2011
Earthquake Rocks Washington, D.C. Area No, it's not the West Coast, this time it's the East CoastAP StoryWASHINGTON - A 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, Va., shook much of Washington, ... read more >>
A soldier has passed on
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 August 2011
Brother Abdul Wali MuhammadA soldier has passed onBrother Abdul Wali Muhammad was laid to rest in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Those who knew Brother Wali soldiered with him and worked ... read more >>

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