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Spike Lee: No Katrina Fatigue, Followup Film Coming
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 04 April 2007
While somereporters, newspaper editors and some readers/viewers are complaining of what’sbeing called “Katrina fatigue,” filmmaker Spike Lee says he’s ready to do afollow up film ... read more >>
*** Legends ***
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 28 March 2007
Born Dana Owens on March 18, 1970, she became a star as Queen Latifah. Growingup in East Orange, New Jersey, life was not easy and her femininity was alwaysbeing challenged. But she overcame those challenges ... read more >>
Sinbad's Brother Dispels Rumors of His Death
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 22 March 2007
Rumors of the death of comedian Sinbad were just that rumors. Born David Adkins, the funnyman known as Sinbad was the victim of rumors that he had died and spoke out to confirm that he is, indeed, alive ... read more >>
Berry Gordy Breaks Silence About Dreamgirls
Written by Stephanie Frederic 22 February 2007
BEL-AIR, CALIFORNIA—From his favorite chair in his sprawling Westside estate, legendary music mogul and founder of Motown Berry Gordy appears happy, relaxed, very comfortable and at peace now with ... read more >>
James Brown, The Legacy
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 27 December 2006
His spinning moves on stage, his signature splits and his trademark evangelical attire that frequently featured a cape melted into his impromptus lyrics that inspired a genre of musicians in Rock, R&B, ... read more >>
Michael Richards, aka Kramer, Spews Racial Slurs During Standup Act
Written by The Associated Press 20 November 2006
LOSANGELES — Michael Richards stunned a comedy club audience, shoutingracial epithets at people who heckled him during a stand-up routine.The 57-year-old actor-comedian, best known for playing Jerry ... read more >>



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