A Paradox: Optimistic Millennials Burdened by Debt
Written by Jeff Cosby, Financial Advisor, Vice-President Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors 09 August 2013
Jeff Cosby As millennials toss their graduation caps and hope to soon land their first “real job,” they will face managing their finances while in the red.  According to our recent Wells Fargo ... read more >>
Estate Planning 101:Estate Planning Terminology
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 01 August 2013
Topics in this column include the need for estate planning, what estate planning consists of, and what happens when there is no plan.  Following are a few of the basic concepts and definitions: Advance ... read more >>
Can Black-Owned Franchises Help Narrow the Wealth Gap?
Written by Noel King Special to the NNPA from the Marketplace Wealth and Poverty Desk 01 August 2013
Ronald Smothers stand in front of his Denny’s franchise. The question still rises, can owning franchises, such as Denny’s, close wealth gap? Growing up, all Ronald Smothers ever wanted was to own ... read more >>
Mary Louise Guides Community Pillar House of Winston
Written by Kenneth Miller Asst. Managing Editor 01 August 2013
    For nearly 40 years, House of Winston Mortuary has been a pillar in the South Los Angeles community, not just as a business that carefully handles lost loved ones, but also as a partner of goodwill. The ... read more >>
Written by Sentinel News Service 29 July 2013
       SECTION 00150 – BID NOTICE ALTAMED RENOVATION PROJECTS ALTAMED HEALTH SERVICES CORPORATION   INVITATION TO SUBMIT BID    (Specification and Conditions Governing Bid Award)     Bid ... read more >>
Bank of America: Barry Simmons Leads by Example
Written by KENNETH MILLER Assistant Managing Editor 26 July 2013
DIGNITY AND CHARACTER: Barry Simmons holds the prestigious title of senior vice president at BOA and the position allows for him to make key decisions that have improved financial literacy in the Black ... read more >>
Estate Planning 101:Bank Account Safety
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 26 July 2013
The FDIC (Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation) protects depositors against the loss of their insured deposits if an FDIC-insured bank or savings association fails.  Several years ago IndyMac Bancorp ... read more >>
Auburn selects Carry as Vice President for Student Affairs
Written by Sentinel News Service generalinfo@lasentinel.net 26 July 2013
Dr. Ainsley Carrey After a national search, Auburn University President Jay Gogue has announced that Ainsley Carry has been named Vice President for Student Affairs. Carry comes to Auburn from Temple ... read more >>
How to Get a Job Out of College
Written by NNPA 26 July 2013
Given today’s unemployment rate for new graduates, finding your dream job often requires understanding what employers are looking for and a bit of patience, plus some of your own proactive steps. Following ... read more >>
Estate Planning 101:Property Taxes and Estate Planning
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 13 July 2013
Unlike residents of some other states, Californians are privileged to have several favorable rules regarding property taxes.  The biggest advantage is Proposition 13 – the initiative passed by voters ... read more >>
Black Unemployment Rate Rose Slightly in June
Written by Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent 13 July 2013
The Black unemployment rate rose to 13.7 percent in June, up from 13.5 percent in May as the economy added 195,000 jobs, exceeding most expectations. The unemployment rate for Whites barely improved to ... read more >>
West Basin Performs Groundbreaking Research on Distributing Ultra-Pure Water
Written by Sentinel News Service generalinfo@lasentinel.net 11 July 2013
West Basin is currently conducting a groundbreaking study on how ultra-pure water, made through ocean-water desalination, could be introduced into existing tap water distribution systems. The study will ... read more >>
Bennett College Welcomes New President
Written by Afrique I. Kilimanjaro Special to the NNPA from Carolina Peacemaker 11 July 2013
Rosalind Fuse-Hall, new Bennett College president. (Photo by Afrique Kilimanjaro, Carolina Peacemaker) Bennett College officially introduced its 17th president, Rosalind Fuse-Hall Monday July 1 at a ... read more >>
Florida Memorial University Appoints its Interim President
Written by Sentinel News Service generalinfo@lasentinel.net 27 June 2013
The Board of Trustees at Florida Memorial University announced the appointment of Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis as interim president, effective July 15. Artis is a Trustee Scholar graduate in Higher Education ... read more >>
Estate Planning 101 :LIVING WITH MAMA
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 27 June 2013
Many parents have an adult child living with them.  Sometimes it is for the benefit of the parents -- a child can be a wonderful caregiver and provide much needed financial assistance.  Oftentimes, ... read more >>
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 20 June 2013
Thoughts of “the family home” usually bring fond memories – a familiar place that serves as an anchor for relatives and friends.  I have many clients who have lived in their homes for three or ... read more >>
Are You ‘Broker’ than a Fifth Grader?
Written by Damon Carr
 Special to the NNPA from the New Pittsburgh Courier 20 June 2013
Have you ever seen the game show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”? This is a game show where the contestant is asked questions that appear in a 5th grade textbook. You can win up to $1,000,000.00. ... read more >>
Union Bank, West Angeles CDC Celebrate Grand Opening of Bank’s New Crenshaw Branch
Written by Sentinel News Service generalinfo@lasentinel.net 20 June 2013
  Photo by Michael Douglas Union Bank, N.A., and the West Angeles Community Development Corporation (CDC) recently celebrated the official grand opening of the bank’s new Crenshaw branch at the ... read more >>
EEOC Sues BMW, Dollar General over Background Checks
Written by Freddie Allen, NNPA Washington Correspondent 18 June 2013
  WASHINGTON (NNPA) – The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency that enforces federal employment discrimination laws, filed lawsuits against BMW and the discount retailer Dollar ... read more >>
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 24 May 2013
We are all busy and have a long list of “things to do” that we keep putting off.  One of those “things” that should be done periodically is reviewing and verifying the beneficiary designations ... read more >>
Tyrone Jackson “The Wealthy Investor”
Written by Sentinel News Service 24 May 2013
Picks Up Where Public Education Failed By Providing Free Teleconference Tyrone Jackson “The Wealthy Investor” prides himself on educating the community. But his education is more than just reading, ... read more >>
Lamell McMorris Named Chair of the American Red Cross National Diversity Advisory Council
Written by Sentinel News Service generalinfo@lasentinel.net 17 May 2013
Leading public affairs expert and human rights advocate, Lamell McMorris, has been appointed Chairman of the National Diversity Advisory Council (NDAC) of the American Red Cross. The Founder and CEO ... read more >>
AB 332 Keeps California Workers, Economy Safe & Strong
Written by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III 17 May 2013
Sex. For most Californians, sex is a private matter between consenting partners. But what about when your job is to be filmed having sex? Adult film production is a multi-billion dollar industry. ... read more >>
AB 366: Expanding Eligibility for Minority Businesses to Create Jobs and Grow Minority - Owned Enterprises
Written by Assemblymember Chris Holden Special to the Sentinel 17 May 2013
Since the passage of Proposition 209 in 1996, consideration of ethnicity in the areas of public education, employment and public contracting has been banned.  This has had a chilling effect on minority ... read more >>
Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper 03 May 2013
Our lives are constantly changing, which in turn changes our plans, our goals, and our commitments.  Dissension among heirs can arise when two or more family members (usually siblings or cousins) ... read more >>