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Black Press: LAPD Discontent
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 21 February 2008
From the moment Officer Randal Simmons was killed our office was inundated with calls and visits from LAPD officers who wanted his story told. They wanted the entire community to know just how good an ... read more >>
Black AIDS Institute
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 14 February 2008
The Black Aids Institute recently held their “Heroes in the Struggle” Awards Banquet in which both Danny Sr. and I, along with a lot of other individuals who I truly feel are much more deserving ... read more >>
Keep The Faith
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 07 February 2008
“I have not been able to sleep, I am just so excited.” “I have been emotional since Iowa.” “I am so excited, that I am scared they just might kill him.” All of these ... read more >>
Obama vs Clinton?
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 31 January 2008
Obama versus Clinton, this is a question that I as well as many other African Americans have been plagued with for the past few months. While I do not embrace the concept that Bill Clinton is the first ... read more >>
The Beat Will Continue
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 24 January 2008
First off, once again let me wish all of you a Happy King Day. For those of you who did not know, I was recently honored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) with the Drum Major for ... read more >>
King Week
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 17 January 2008
As we move into King Week, I must ask that we make sure we don’t just get caught up in the holiday festivities. Let’s not just celebrate having a day off from work or a day off from school ... read more >>
Encouraged, Inspired, Motivated, Nervous and Down Right Scared
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 10 January 2008
As we enter into the Sentinel’s 75th year anniversary, I find myself encouraged, inspired, highly motivated, nervous and down right scared. I am encouraged by the things that we as the Sentinel ... read more >>
2008 - The Seventy Fifth Year
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 03 January 2008
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope the New Year, brings you, your family and your friends the greatest blessings, joys and wonders that this world has to offer. As I have started preparing for 2008, I have had a ... read more >>
Reflection and Thanks
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 20 December 2007
As we approach this holiday season, let me start off by wishing all of you and yours a very merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa. As this year comes to an end, I want to encourage all of you to reflect ... read more >>
Lost Not Without a Fight!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 13 December 2007
This is a critical time for us as a people and as the demographics have shifted with other ethnic groups increasing in numbers, we need to let our voices be heard, now more than ever. That could not ... read more >>
The Season of Giving
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 06 December 2007
As we start this holiday season, I pray that all of you have a safe and blessed holiday. No matter what religion you are and how deep your faith, I hope we all take a little time out of our hectic schedules ... read more >>
The Gift of Brotherhood
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 29 November 2007
Tis The Season To Be Jolly. But it’s also the season to be proactive and make a difference in our community. We have to begin to take control of our own destiny. How many of you are planning to ... read more >>
The Power of the African American Ballot
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 22 November 2007
Apathy is a dangerous thing. In New Orleans they recently held elections and it is a terrible thing when a city as badly damaged and divided as this city is, gets less than a 20 percent turn out. Reports ... read more >>
Sports Fan
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 15 November 2007
Having a weekly column sometimes is wonderful and other times it can wear you out. Every week I am amazed at how fast next week rolls around and another column is due. The consistency of needing to write ... read more >>
Words DO Hurt Like 'Sticks and Stones'
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 08 November 2007
First it was Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory and then Don Imus with his degrading comments about women on the Rutgers women’s basketball team, and now comes “Dog the Bounty Hunter” ... read more >>
Internal Affairs
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 01 November 2007
The No. 1 Rule within the Black Family is and has always been we don’t take our dirty laundry to the street. That’s a double-edged sword. That is the reason we have not been willing to discuss ... read more >>
Walk the Walk
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 25 October 2007
Having 75,000 people on Crenshaw Boulevard for Taste of Soul was a glorious day, having 50,000 people show up to protest the injustices that were occurring in Jena, Louisiana and supporting the Jena ... read more >>
75,000 Strong
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 18 October 2007
Let me start off this week’s “Talk to Danny” by thanking the 75,000+ (some say it was closer to 100,000) people who came out and supported “Taste of Soul”. Saturday, October ... read more >>
Taste of Soul
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 04 October 2007
While Aretha Franklin may be the designated Queen of Soul, the heart and soul of our blockbuster ‘Taste of Soul’ is our very own Brenda Marsh-Mitchell.Brenda will probably kill me for writing ... read more >>
"A Force to be Reckoned With"
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 27 September 2007
Last week was really worth repeating and again this week I will reiterate the impact and significance of the massive crusade in Jena.White folk need not underestimate the power of Black people, not when ... read more >>
Jena Blog: Back in LA
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 23 September 2007
We are back in Los Angeles and I am glad to say that everyone has many good things to say about our experience in Jena. Without a doubt, this has been a powerful experience for us all and we have many ... read more >>
Jena Blog: L.A. bound - Passing Odessa Texas
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 21 September 2007
We're about 50 miles outside of Odessa, Texas and headed home.  There is a lot of thought and conversation reflecting about the experience in Jena.   But not just about the experience, but about the ... read more >>
Jena Blog: Back to the Hotel...
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 20 September 2007
Things have been so chaotic that it's been difficult to post an update.   The rally is over, but it's presence is totally still being felt.   We're now back at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria having ... read more >>
Jena Blog: Arrival at Southern University
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 19 September 2007
We've arrived at our first stop in Louisiana. Officials and students at Southern University has greeted us with open arms - over 110 bus riders with toiletries including washcloths, toothpaste & brushes, ... read more >>
Jena Blog: Louisiana FINALLY!
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 19 September 2007
Crossing the border of Louisiana and should bereaching Southern University in within a couple hours.  Getting closer, the riders are getting anxious and looking forward to tomorrow's rally. read more >>

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