Friday, May 29, 2015


Serving your favorite drinks... 

...with your favorite cuisines and food...

...all at the best place to taste authentic Creole Soul Food...Harold's & Belles!

photos by Troy Tieuel

With unforgettable flavor and a signature family-feel, Harold & Belles has become a staple within the South Los Angeles community.

Since 1969, the family-owned eatery has provided top of the line New Orleans cuisine. With an endearing location in the heart of South Los Angeles, Harold & Belles made their fourth appearance at this year’s Taste of Soul festival.

Serving fried catfish, gumbo, jambalaya, Louisiana bread pudding, fresh roasted corn, jumbo turkey legs and more, Harold & Belles was definitely one of many crowd pleasers; as loyal patrons and anxious newcomers surrounded the food truck on Saturday. Ryan Legaux of the Harold & Belles family commented, “We like what we do and get a lot of support from our customers.”

Over the years, members of the family have maintained the essence and refinement associated with the enterprise. Deemed a ‘Golden Restaurant’ by Southern California Restaurant Writers for over 10 years, the venture has evolved from the initial social gathering-eatery to the esteemed bistro that it is today.

Said to have “enjoyed the large crowd,” Harold & Belles looked to be right at home. Their love for the community is genuine and resounded loud and clear at Taste of Soul. Let’s reciprocate the appreciation! It’s only right that you stop by the shining light to sample and enjoy “a portal to New Orleans.” Harold & Belles is located at 2920 W. Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90018.


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