Friday, March 27, 2015


This is it.  Tell Governor Brown to dismantle the School-To-Jail Track by Wednesday, September 5th.

After all the phone calls, letters, and time you spent in Sacramento telling your stories, 7 bills to fix school discipline in California are headed to Governor Brown's desk.

PLEASE DO NOT recycle old letters, as these letters address all of the latest amendments.

PLEASE DO personalize the letters with your letterhead, information about your organizations and any real compelling student, parent, school stories that can help make this problem real to the Governor and his staff!

   SB 1088 helps ensure that children who have had contact with the juvenile justice system are able to timely re-enroll in school.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for SB 1088.

    SB 1235 focuses on providing training and support so that evidence-based alternatives to school discipline take root in our highest suspending schools.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for SB 1235.

    AB 1729 strengthens and provides critical guidance regarding the tools to provide other means of correction that are to be used prior to suspension or expulsion.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for AB 1729.

    AB 1909 helps ensure that the court and social workers have timely information about foster youth who might be expelled to bring in resources and provide supports to the youth and the school.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for AB 1909.

    AB 2242 would address the overuse of “willful defiance” for expulsion from the entire school district.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for AB 2242.

    AB 2537 would give school districts greater discretion to reduce unnecessary expulsions through alternative discipline.  Click Here for the Sample Letter for AB 2537.

    AB 2616 would help improve student attendance by making technical changes to the process of identifying and addressing a pupil who is struggling with truancy. Click Here for the Sample Letter for AB 2616.

Links for the Sample letters to Governor Brown are above.

Again, please get them in by Wednesday, September 5th! Thank you!


Youth Justice Coalition @ Chuco's Justice Center is located at 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90302. You can reach them at (323) 235-4243 or by Fax (323) 846-9472. You can send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit at


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