Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trichologist: (The Science of Hair, Skin & Chemistry)

Dr. Lloneau is a free lance writer to many trade publications to the field of cosmetology and is instrumental in providing input to the text books of cosmetology in order for them to be more multicultural correct.

Dr. Lloneau holds a PHD through the National Beauty Culture League (N.B.C.L.) and sanctioned by Howard University.  Dr. Lloneau’s area of expertise is Trichology as it relates to the field of Ethnic Cosmetology.  His classes on the subject are not only informative, but also entertaining that is mindful of the motivational lectures by Bill Cosby and Dick Gregory.  Dr. Lloneau’s books on that topic “Facts and Theory on Ethnic Cosmetology” and “What the Text Books, State Boards & Beauty Schools Left Out and ignored”.  The essence of the books and lectures are to inform the Professional Cosmetologist and Students of necessary information about ethnic hair and how the chemicals used in Cosmetology work and why.  Much of this information has never been explored before now.

The shameful truth is that when Ethnic Students finish Cosmetology School with honors knowing ONLY what is required by the State Boards (and no more); they are not equipped with enough knowledge to perform many of the services required by their Ethnic clientele.

Dr. Lloneau is the founder and owner of Lloneau Products, Inc. the manufacture of LIQUID GOLD HAIR BONDING PRODUCTS.  This product has the unique distinctions of being the only bonding glue that will stay bonded when hair is wet, and can also be used for Fusion for Extensions and Braids, all other bonding glues are latex based (that many people are allergic too) and are black in color. Liquid Gold is acrylic based and clear in color and is compatible to any texture and color of hair, and will stay on through 3-5 shampoos.


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