Friday, May 22, 2015

Nakia Burrise-Gavino


EHD Casual Shirt 

Actress Nakia Burrise-Gavino and partner, Kathy Hernandez, are inspiring others to find Jesus through their clothing line.

On the TV Series ‘Power Rangers,’ the character, Tanya Sloan, called on the power of the Zeo Crystal and Turbo powers to become the Yellow Ranger. 

In real life, actress and educator, Nakia Burrise-Gavino calls on the power of Jesus and is using that relationship to inspire others to do the same.

Burrise-Gavino is an avid Christian and active in her church and Bible-study classes. Together with her friend and partner, Kathy Hernandez, they have developed a line of clothing to help people find their way to Jesus Christ.

“It’s called ‘Eternally His Design’ (EHD) and our mission is to inspire, uplift and to have people, [Christians and non-Christians], think about their eternity,” said Burrise-Gavino.

“A lot of people live for today and don’t think about their eternity—and eternity is forever.”

“I immediately said that I would be interested,” said Hernandez. “So that’s how it got started.

“We’re basically putting ideas on a shirt that are on our hearts. Our main emphasis is the message, what we want to convey to [people] and have them think about [their eternity].”

EHD manages to combine the casually appealing with spirit saving power of faith and hope. The clothing line is for men, women and children and features an assortment of t-shirts and hats.

“We’re hoping that some of the words on our shirts will encourage people to think about their eternity as well as knowing that God loves all people, regardless of anything,” said Burrise-Gavino.

In addition to acting, Burrise-Gavino is also a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She and her husband, Nick Gavino, started ‘A Day In The Life’ program where elementary kids are introduced to different occupations, educational field trips and receive positive reinforcement.

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