Sunday, April 26, 2015


Whitney Houston - August 9th


Doug Williams - August 9th


Kurtis Blow - August 9th


Tyson Gay - August 9th


Deion Sanders - August 9th


Derek Fisher - August 9th


Ken Norton, Sr. - August 9th


John Starks - August 10th


Riddick Bowe - August 10th


George Crockett - August 10th


Alex Haley - August 11th


Viola Davis - August 11th


Jermain Taylor - August 11th


Anthony Ray “Sir Mix-a-lot” - August 12th


Plaxico Burress - August 12th


Earvin “Magic” Johonson - August 14th


Halle Berry - August 14th


Congresswoman Maxine Waters - August 15th


Gene Upshaw - August 15th



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