Saturday, February 28, 2015

Comedian SinbadRumors of the death of comedian Sinbad were just that rumors. Born David Adkins, the funnyman known as Sinbad was the victim of rumors that he had died and spoke out to confirm that he is, indeed, alive and well, according to Web site Reportedly, the rumors spread over the Internet, and even prompted singer Lionel Richie to call Sinbad to make sure he was still with us.

Sinbad joked, "I told him you're talking to a ghost. I'm trying to get a track from him, so I said I'm real sick. I need some music for my daughter." The comedian's brother, David Adkins, said, "I started getting a lot of comedians calling me saying that they heard Sinbad had passed away," said Adkins. "Then it had died down for a couple of days, and we thought it was just a little local rumor, but then it went across the country.

'I got calls from Detroit and New York, radio stations calling. I guess there's some sort of obituary or something on the email blast that people had that made it seem real." The source of the rumor is alleged to be a page from that was hacked into.

Sinbad expressed sympathy for whoever would do such a thing, saying, "Think about the energy it takes to do something like that. You have to have so much negative energy in your system, that you're the waking dead."


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